Help keep your drivers COVID-safe thanks to a new Safer Fleets initiative

Help keep your drivers COVID-safe thanks to a new Safer Fleets initiative

What is the Safer Fleets initiative?

Safer Fleets* is a new pilot program, which allows our customers to harness Webfleet’s telematics system to track and trace the journeys of commercial drivers and identify if and when they enter a known COVID-19 hotspot.

How does Safer Fleets work?

The Safer Fleets initiative is being piloted in NSW initially, whereby the software pulls a daily feed of postcodes from government confirmed COVID-19 hotspots. If a driver enters one of the hotspots, a warning is triggered in the fleet operator’s console, allowing them to action accordingly.

Making users aware that one or more areas entered has had a confirmed case allows companies to take extra precautions, such as wearing a mask, extra sanitising or getting tested.

A geo-fenced area around COVID hotspots using the safer fleets software. Fleet operators also have the ability to retrospectively look back at the routes their drivers have taken previously and identify which of their drivers have entered those locations.

Daily and accurate postcode data is made available through an official Government website within NSW. The Webfleet team will harness the data feed, syncing it with its telematics software, meaning customers can deploy the Safer Fleets functionality with just a few clicks. In other states where daily postcode data is not readily available, customers will have the option to upload their own lists of locations based on other data sources.

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How do I get involved?

Safer Fleets is an initiative available to all existing Webfleet customers. It harnesses the existing technology and functionality within the console.

To register for the initiative, simply follow these steps:

  1. Complete the registration form below
  2. Webfleet will automatically update your software, providing a list of known COVID-19 hotspots throughout NSW in the ‘Areas’ tab
  3. In the map view go to ‘Map Settings’
  4. Select the checkbox for ‘Areas’ and they will appear

To register, please fill out your details below:

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Not in NSW or wish to manually upload locations?

If you’re not in NSW or you simply wish to manually add the location of COVID-19 Hotspots from other sources, please watch the video below for a step by step guide:

For further information about the initiative, please contact customer service

* Webfleet’ Safer Fleets initiative is designed to provide an aid for Fleet Operators to track and trace drivers based on known COVID-19 hotspots. It does not guarantee that drivers will not be exposed to or contract COVID-19. Webfleet is not responsible for the accuracy of the postcode data provided.

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