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Want to cut your fuel costs in 2020? Here’s how telematics can help

If you’re a fleet manager in the transport industry, you know fuel costs are a major concern. And, this year, they’re likely to rise even higher. The recent crisis in the Gulf is expected to see the price of petrol increase by as much as 7p per litre.

You can’t control that. You can, however, take action to limit its effect on your bottom line. More and more transport operators are now using vehicle and driver data to increase fuel efficiency, decrease CO2 emissions and cut costs. So: how are they doing it?

This quick guide shows you how telematics and fleet management solutions support you to take control of your fuel costs.

Real-time fuel monitoring

Manually tracking fuel consumption across your entire fleet is a time-consuming operation. A fleet management solution like Webfleet takes care of it for you. It allows you to monitor and analyse the way your fuel is being consumed in real-time.

Not only can you compare how fuel is used over time, but also spot exceptional events, trends and anomalies and use these insights to optimise fuel usage and operational costs.


Insights on driving behaviour

Knowing how much fuel you use is only half the battle. In the end, it’s your drivers’ behaviour on the road that has the biggest effect on fuel consumption.

In addition to monitoring fuel, fleet management solutions can also help you monitor your drivers and support them to improve. For example, engaging cruise control is an effective way of limiting needless fuel consumption. In Webfleet, your map interface highlights the part of a journey where drivers have engaged cruise control in green. You can then identify which drivers require additional training and encouragement to use this function more frequently.

Fleet management solutions can also help with driver coaching. The active driving style coaching feature of our PRO Driver Terminals provides drivers with in-vehicle instant feedback and advice, encouraging them to avoid habits that waste fuel.


Accurate, up-to-date traffic information

Even the best driver can end up using more fuel than is necessary if they are on the wrong route.

The PRO Driver Terminal series from Webfleet shows large vehicle drivers the most suitable routes for them, so there’s less chance of them driving unnecessary miles. It also gives them access to up-to-date traffic information to keep them out of traffic jams where idling can increase fuel consumption.


 A fleet management solution like Webfleet can help you boost fuel efficiency with its various key features that give you real-time monitoring and valuable insights. By implementing telematics, you can effectively slash the total cost of ownership, cut carbon emissions and maintain a sustainable operation.

Ready to make the switch to telematics and cut down on fuel costs? Find out more here.

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