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An unbeliEVable journey: Webfleet returns as technology partner for the EV Rally

For the third year in a row, Webfleet returns as Technology Partner for the EV Rally 2023. The event has flourished year after year, following the success of the GB EV Rally and the EV Rally of Scotland. This year it returns bigger than ever, with an enhanced route and more electric vehicles!

EV Rally Highlights 2023

EV Rally 2023 – Compilation

What is the EV Rally?

You may be thinking, I have heard of the EV Rally, but I am not sure what the purpose is. Well, the vision behind the EV Rally is a demonstration of the infrastructure and innovative technology that is available throughout the UK to support the transition to electric vehicles. To highlight this, around 20 teams travel across 1,200 miles of the UK in electric vehicles hitting checkpoints whilst managing charging time, charging location and availability. The event is also a benchmark to measure the vast improvements seen in battery technology from electric vehicles over recent years, with some doubling their range.

To begin with, the focus was on electric cars and then with innovations in technology, electric vans were introduced. This year they are extending this to four classes of vehicles including HGVs and motorcycles. The event is heavily documented on social media and you can keep up-to-date with the teams as they travel across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Who is taking part in the EV Rally?

Webfleet is thrilled to announce its entered a team of passionate EV enthusiasts from the UK office to drive the full 1200 miles on the rally. The team also took part previously where they documented their learning and experiences. Alongside Webfleet, Bridgestone will also be entering a vehicle to partake in the EV Rally, as well as, supporting with tyre sponsorship. Joining the two teams as repeat sponsors are:

  • Lex Autolease
  • The AA
  • Paua
  • National Grid
  • OVO Energy
  • BP Pulse
  • and many more….

Last year we caught up with one of our esteemed customers OVO Energy in the EV Rally. Their team consisted of over 40 OVO drivers completing each section throughout the week. Their mission was to highlight the capabilities of their drivers in electric vehicles. It was a success as they finished fifth on the leaderboard. The 40 OVO drivers managed an average efficiency of 4.04 miles per kW/hour, exceeding the WLTP rating of 3.9 miles per kW/hour. We caught up with OVO representative Tasha, who shared her experience and how OVO uses Webfleet:

How is Webfleet supporting as Technology Partner?

As the Technology Partner, Webfleet has the opportunity to install LINK devices into both the lead van and car from each team to extract EV data and track performance. This is achieved through the canalisation of each vehicle to ensure the LINK device is compatible and will provide the insights required. Throughout the week, Webfleet can use these insights to determine who on the EV Rally is driving at an optimal level to maximise the EV performance. This can be identified through charging behaviours and driver behaviour data.

Delving into the EV data

The EV Rally team chose Webfleet, Bridgestone’s globally trusted fleet management solution, to draw upon a wide range of actionable insights: charging status, energy consumption and charger connection reports. These are vital considerations when planning journeys and maximising the range of an electric vehicle.

Webfleet EV data insights
Webfleet EV data insights

Through data provided by the LINK devices installed into lead vehicles, Webfleet can measure performance and energy consumption intelligence to compare against the benchmark WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) readings. The comparisons made can be made to identify real-world vehicle performance and driving efficiency.

Moreover, Webfleet provides detailed insights into driver behaviour, identified through eight performance insights in OptiDrive. Combining driver behaviour and EV data insights allows Webfleet to determine the most efficient vehicles and teams across the EV Rally. Drivers can also analyse their driving behaviour after each day using the ‘My driving profile’ on the Logbook app, allowing them to improve their driving style as they progress along their journey.

In the video below, UKI Sales Director James Dewhurst explains the importance of implementing telematics to measure efficiency and safe driving. He also explains the shared mission to move the world towards a sustainable future with data-driven mobility solutions.

Start your electrification journey

Has following the EV Rally inspired you to electrify your fleet? Or perhaps you’ve already started that journey? Discover the latest van electrification guide below or book a call with one of our EV Experts.

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Richard Parker
Bridgestone Mobility Solutions’ EV expert Richard Parker has more than 20 years of experience in the fleet industry and specialises in improving fleet performance through data and digital solutions. In his role as Corporate Sales Manager, he helps fleets successfully navigate the transition to more sustainable transport solutions. Richard has also recently been named in GreenFleet’s Top 100 most influential and received a prestigious EV Champion award for his commitments to the space.

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