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An unbeliEVable journey: Webfleet participates in the Great British EV Rally

Team Webfleet, the technology partner for the Great British EV Rally (GBEVR), completes the 1200-plus mile journey in great company.

The GBEVR is the ultimate test to highlight the capabilities of electric vehicles (EVs) and the UK EV charging infrastructure. To effectively measure the real-world usage of EVs, teams must travel to different checkpoints across the UK, from John O’Groats to Land’s End. Over 50 electric cars and vans from leading UK companies, including the AA, DPD, Lex Autolease and many more, embarked on this journey over five days. 

The momentous journey not only highlighted the capabilities of the UK EV charging infrastructure, but also demonstrated the rapid advancement in EV battery technology and tested specific EV driver capabilities to generate maximum efficiency.  

Introducing connected EV insights 

As the leading technology partner for the event, Webfleet was responsible for measuring the performance of EVs. By installing specialist LINK boxes connected to our fleet management software, we were capable of measuring and sharing unique EV data such as route information, vehicle battery levels and miles per kWh. Capitalising on these data insights, we were then able to identify the safest and most efficient teams throughout the five days, which can be located on the league table

In addition to supplying data insights, Webfleet entered a team of passionate EV enthusiasts from the UK office. To give you an insight into how Team Webfleet performed throughout the week, the team managed to extract a 160-mile range out of the EV van and 3.9 miles per kWh on average for the whole rally. It is a fantastic achievement, considering the Team Webfleet vehicle was a Nissan e-NV200 (with 300kg of payload), having only a 40kw battery! 

The importance of collaboration 

The initial aim of the Great British EV Rally may have been to change perceptions of electric vehicle travel. However, it was quickly identified that the crucial element of the whole week was collaboration. From sharing EV driving tips with other teams to sharing key charging tactics across the route, many who participated would agree that the collaborative element made the event a huge success. Here is what two of the team members who took part in the rally had to say: 

Richard Parker of Webfleet participates in the Great British EV Rally

Richard Parker, Corporate Sales Manager, Webfleet
Constant learning and collaboration are the keywords I would use to summarise the event, highlighting what these vehicles and the infrastructure are capable of as we sit here today. This was the first time I have completed any form of rally or driven an eLCV for this period, and the experience has been mind-blowingly fantastic. Throughout the week, relationships between the teams went from strength to strength, with an overwhelming feeling of collaboration and celebration once we all finally crossed the finish line. 

James Dewhurst of Webfleet participates in the Great British EV Rally

James Dewhurst, Sales Director, UKI, Webfleet
There are so many micro stories around the people involved in this event. I made new relationships with people I have never met before (from the drivers to the directors of companies involved) and built on relationships with those in the industry who are pioneering this change. The most amazing part of the week for me was people putting aside the sales agenda and coming together to realise that there is a greater purpose here. The penny dropped with many people that this is not a commercial opportunity. It is a coming together of all the people who care most about the environment and sustainable causes for the chance to spotlight the issues and what we can do to change them.

A clear takeaway

One lesson that Team Webfleet learned from the Great British EV Rally experience is that you need to remember that you are not alone on your journey to electrification. Be sure to benefit from the wealth of shared knowledge, help and support available to you. Get started by exploring Webfleet’s EV solution.

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