What is truck tracking and how can it help your fleet?

How do you manage your fleet effectively? With visibility over your fleet, you can better manage your trucking operation. Truck tracking provides you with the exact location and position of your vehicles in real time.

In truth, however, this is just the beginning. A good fleet management solution like Webfleet does more than just show you where your trucks are located. It also makes your vehicle data meaningful, supporting you to reduce your fuel costs, improve the behaviour of your drivers and keep your vehicles in top condition.

This comes with a host of highly valuable benefits.

9 benefits of truck tracking

1.    Increase workflow and productivity

Tracking the location of trucks helps fleets manage their workflow better. Webfleet helps you see which driver is in the best position to complete a job. With optimised route and schedule planning, drivers spend less time on the road and more time on customer orders.

2.    Stay on the safest routes

Webfleet uses truck specific routing to ensure your trucks stay on the right roads. Taking into account the height, weight and length of your vehicles, it will avoid routes that take you under low bridges, down narrows streets or around sharp bends.

3.    Control fuel costs with truck tracking

Truck tracking from Webfleet also helps you monitor your fuel levels and consumption. With a clear and complete overview of how fuel is being used across your entire truck fleet, you can zero in on areas where it is being overused and take steps to improve efficiency.

4.    Make your driver’s job easier

Alongside truck-specific routing, the PRO 8475 TRUCK Driver Terminal  from Webfleet will show your driver dedicated truck points of interest, including suitable parking facilities and rest areas. This can help make their time behind the wheel easier and less stressful.

5.    Stay compliant with regulation

A solution like Webfleet Tachograph Manager can make proving your compliance with regulation much more straightforward. It remotely downloads all required tachograph data, taking this administrative task out of the hands of your drivers and minimising disruption to your schedule.

6.    Increase customer satisfaction

A good truck tracking solution leads to more accurate ETAs, which means your customers won’t be left guessing or waiting around. They’ll get a precise window within which they can expect the truck to arrive. You’ll also be able to provide proof of arrival and departure times.

7.    Improve driving behaviour

Truck trackers can collect important data about fuel usage, speed, distance and any hard braking or turns. You can use this information to draw attention to areas of improvement for drivers, so they can be safer and more fuel efficient on the road. This can mean fewer fines and accidents.

8.    Prevent theft of trucks

Accurate and real-time truck tracking can enhance the visibility and security of your vehicles. You’ll know their exact locations 24/7, which can help you detect and react fast to theft or unauthorised use.

9.    Apply geofencing in combination with truck tracking

Geofencing allows you to define designated areas through GPS. With vehicle tracking, you’ll receive alerts whenever one of your trucks enters or leaves a specific geofence zone. This lets you track the status of trips, helps drivers stick to their schedules and identifies any unusual movements.

Ready to introduce truck tracking to your fleet?

Truck tracking takes fleet management to the next level. Stay ahead of the competition with real-time insights to increase your productivity, efficiency and customer experience. Want to learn more about how vehicle tracking can help you better manage your fleet? Discover truck tracking here.


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