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*Based on your values, the calcu­la­tions provided are taken from customer cases in cooperation with DEKRA Akademie GmbH. Results may vary individually per company and the estimated savings are dependent on how you will use the solution. In addition, an increase in productivity could be achieved, which could not be taken into account in the calculation.

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Fuel savings (up to 15% less fuel costs)

Driving at your best
Less traffic jams

Maintenance savings (up to 18% less maintenance costs)

Reduce wear and tear
Automated maintenance management

Insurance savings (up to 5% potential insurance savings)

Less accidents lower premiums



LINK vehicle tracking devices 


PRO navigation devices


Webfleet add-on device for fuel information


Yearly hardware costs based on depre­ci­ation period of 3 years.


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Estimated costs 


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What you need to get started

Webfleet: The UK’s number one fleet management software

Cloud software Webfleet on any device

Dashboard, maps, reporting and possible integration with 3rd party software.

link510 link105

LINK vehicle tracking device & fuel module

Installed inside your vehicles.

pro 8375 front menu en

Driver Terminal

On dashboard of vehicles - with or without navigation system.

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