Action Door

Webfleet opens up savings for Action Door

Action Door, founded in 1968, provides installation and service of automatic garage doors to residential and commercial customers throughout northeast Ohio. With 70 vehicles on the road every day, making at least three stops each every day, managing the logistics of getting everyone where they needed to be on time quickly became complicated.

With Webfleet, Action Door enjoys complete visibility into where its vehicles are and what its drivers are doing. They have also eliminated the time-consuming process of managing calls into the office by sending all jobs directly to the device in the vehicle.
From the first call of the day, all of their job information is in their trucks, said Mastantuono. We dispatch the planned jobs to the devices in the morning, and as emergency calls come in, we just add them to each individual driver's schedule through the Webfleet system. When they're done with a job, they just punch a button and they get the details of their next assignment.
Drivers also enjoy turn-by-turn navigation with real-time traffic to their next job so they can get there via the most efficient route.
The company is also benefitting from fuel savings. Employees are getting to their jobs faster and the company is also cutting down on fuel-wasting behaviors. Webfleet provides complete visibility into driver behavior, which allows the company to see what is happening with each individual vehicle.

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