What is a GPS Tracking Device?

Fleet managers use GPS trackers every day to keep track of their fleets and other assets. They can get information that helps them solve issues such as compliance, efficiency, and safety.

How do GPS tracking devices collect and exchange data?

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How do GPS tracking devices collect and exchange data?

A GPS tracking device is fitted with a GPS receiver and is a vital way to record or transmit its current location at regular intervals. The tracking device also tracks the movements of a vehicle or equipment. For example, a GPS tracking device can be used to locate where a truck is currently located on its route or even the location of certain assets being transported.

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Information that is generated by a vehicle is bounced between satellites, computers, and receivers that determine the exact latitude and longitude points on the ground. The data is then transmitted via satellite systems to the GPS hardware where vehicle data points, like location, engine time, and geofencing status are collected.

Why is gps vehicle tracking so important for companies?

Why is gps vehicle tracking so important for companies?

  • Improve Productivity: When using GPS tracking devices, businesses have the insights and tools to optimise driver output, while virtually eliminating any idle time through a variety of actionable data. They help decrease the time drivers spend between jobs, maximise their work day and increase business profit­ab­ility.
  • Increase Safety: Fleet managers are able to examine their fleets safety behavior, such as speeding and harsh breaking through user-friendly and data rich dashboards. Managers can pinpoint problem areas and take corrective measures to help minimise safety risks and vehicle depre­ci­ation.
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  • Gain Insight into Vehicle and Driver Behaviour: Using a user friendly software platform, businesses are able to get an in depth look into fleet performance. This vantage point leads to decisions that can reduce fuel consumption, enhance customer satis­faction, improve safety and extend company investment.

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