The integration with Webfleet has increased fleet productivity by 25%.

The Company

The Company

Founded in 2005, Wright Mix is the leading supplier of screed and ready mix concrete in Leicestershire. They mix product on site, reducing waste and ensuring their customers only pay for what they deliver.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Wright Mix were operating a manual booking and scheduling system and were communicating with drivers by mobile phone. As the company grew both their fleet of vehicles and customer base, they began to realise that their paper-based systems were no longer practical. Manual administration was very time consuming for the back office team, lead to customer service challenges and did not make the most of their capacity. Customer payment was usually in the form of cash or cheque, resulting in a heavy administration burden and often issues with bad debt.

Wright Mix wanted a system to help their day-to-day shipping and ordering process that gave them the flexibility to serve their customers in a dynamic environment and created traceability and efficiency for their drivers and office staff.

The Solution

The Solution

HHaving initially introduced Webfleet vehicle tracking technology from Webfleet, the company added PRO driver terminals and integrated the telematics solution with an advanced booking and scheduling interface called AGGSMART.

Developed expressly for the aggregates market, AGGSMART works throughout the whole Wright Mix sales and fulfilment process, from quotation and ordering, to scheduling, dispatch and delivery and finally billing and payment. The system enables sales agents to accurately advise customers on what and how much material they need by following a series of questions. Following pre-authorisation of payment, a job can be dragged and dropped into a specific timeslot within the dynamic scheduling system.

All delivery jobs are sent through to each volumetric mixer truck via Webfleet’ Webfleet system. The job appears on the screen of the driver’s PRO8 driver terminal. Once accepted, directions are automatically plugged into the PRO 8 navigation software, giving the driver, office and customer an accurate ETA.

Before we had Webfleet and AGGSMART, I was constantly on the phone to customers and drivers – the days were so frantic. Now, the office is very calm and I never miss a call, explains Peter Harris, Operations Manager at Wright Mix.

The solution gives the team a complete overview of all jobs across all vehicles, enabling total flexibility and the ability to arrange the schedule to maximise the use of their capacity. It also gives the customer a specific timeslot.

If a customer needs a delivery earlier or later than scheduled, or has an urgent new order, the system can adjust the schedule without losing any time, while updating customers throughout the process.

Webfleet talks to AGGSMART through the whole delivery process, so that the driver is able to check the level of pre-authorised payment before dropping the concrete or screed. The customer is asked to sign the screen to record arrival time on site and the start and completion of the delivery.

The exact volume of product delivered to the customer is then recorded in the AGGSMART app which enables Wright Mix’s accounting system (also integrated) to automatically bill the customer using the preauthorised payment method.

Webfleet and AGGSMART now work in tandem to provide advanced scheduling, dynamic job dispatch and workflow, automatic billing, accurate customer ETAs and digital signature capture.

  • 25% increase in productivity (average jobs per vehicle per day have increased from four to at least five)
  • Streamlined processes and reduced administration hours
  • Removal of paperwork
  • Significant reduction in bad debt

The efficiency and flexibility of our booking, dispatch, delivery and administration systems has allowed us to stay lean and pass on this efficiency to customers in the form of excellent service with reasonable pricing, says Peter.

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1 It is possible that the device the customer uses has been phased out and has now been replaced by its successor

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