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Find out more about sustainable fleets.

For a fleet, sustainability is about operating in a way that supports long-term ecological balance. Fleet owners and managers can take a variety of actions to boost their organization’s sustainability. Monitoring fuel consumption is a good place to start, since improved fuel efficiency translates into lower carbon emissions. Regularly scheduling in vehicle maintenance is another effective action. Properly maintained vehicles run better and last longer, reducing waste. Driving behavior like hard acceleration, extending idling, and harsh braking directly impact your fuel consumption and CO2 output. So, coaching and training drivers on eco driving should be part of every fleet’s sustainability plans. Green driving is safer and more cost-effective driving. Webfleet provides features to enhance your fleet sustainability. Track fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and driving behavior with notifications and robust reporting. Advance your fleet sustainability with OptiDrive 360, which makes it easy to monitor and analyze your company’s eco driving performance. Webfleet strives to help fleets operate more sustainably. See our latest thinking on environmental responsibility and sustainable mobility.

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