Vehicle management

Optimize your vehicle management system.

Vehicle fleet management includes monitoring the location of your vehicles and any related assets — you want to know that your vehicles, drivers, and cargo are safe. That’s where vehicle tracking and asset tracking solutions come in. Vehicle tracking uses GPS to monitor fleet vehicles per their geographical locations. Having access to updated traffic details means being able to give your customers reliable ETAs, another benefit of using a vehicle fleet management system. Are you required to provide proof of delivery? Find that in the real-time data from your vehicle tracking solution. Whether you oversee a construction fleet or a commercial trucking fleet, you’re responsible for the security of valuable assets. Webfleet Asset Tracking, with map views and precise GPS positioning, gives the visibility and control needed to keep your drivers safe and protect your assets from theft or damage. A reliable asset tracking solution also makes it easy to stay on top of scheduling vehicle maintenance with automated service notifications. Get more insights on vehicle tracking and asset tracking.

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Vehicle management