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How technology can improve road safety for companies with fleets

Road safety is of paramount importance to any fleet manager. And it’s an area where technology can be hugely helpful. This guide takes a look at how digitizing more of your processes can help you maximize the safety of both your drivers and vehicles on the road.

Better driver training

The most important person of all when it comes to road safety is your driver. After all, they are the one actually out there operating the vehicle. So, everything you can do to encourage good driving behavior through effective training is worth doing.

Unless you are on the road with them, however, it can be difficult to judge what sort of training is required and which drivers need it. In fact, in a recent Webfleet study, more than half of fleet managers admitted they weren’t sure if their team was driving safely.

This is where increased digitization can help. By gathering and managing the key data related to driver performance – like idling, harsh braking, coasting and speeding – a fleet management solution can give you real visibility over how each of your drivers is performing. You can then compare drivers to see who is better when it comes to road safety and who may need more training.

A solution like OptiDrive 360 from Webfleet takes things even further. It gives drivers direct feedback and predictive advice right to the driver, helping to keep your vehicles and team safe.

Maintaining a healthy vehicle

The better the condition of your cars, vans or trucks, the safer they are to drive. And the safer they are to drive, the more chance they have of reaching their destination without incident. So, obviously, vehicle maintenance is a top priority for any company with a fleet.

And this is another area in which digitization can help. A fleet management solution like Webfleet from Webfleet gives you the tools to closely monitor the service requirements of your vehicles. You can set up schedules based on odometer information or on defined dates, making it simpler to keep your fleet in top condition.

Vehicle diagnostics and engine trouble codes are also available. These alert you when a vehicle is showing signs of trouble, so you can give it the service it needs before it becomes a major problem that could hit you with repair costs and decrease road safety.

Want to know more about what technology can do to improve road safety for your business? Then get in touch with one of our experts today.

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