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Asset tracking benefits

By gaining visibility over your assets, you can better manage your whole operation. An asset tracking solution allows you to monitor the exact location and position of your assets and vehicles in real-time. Therefore, you can make informed decisions based on important data and information such as driving behavior, fuel usage, location or maintenance requirements.

Asset tracking can save you money and time while boosting productivity and efficiency.

Why is asset tracking important?

You need to know where your valuable assets are to ensure they are secure and being used the right way. With a solution like Webfleet Asset Tracking you get instant alerts to help prevent theft and misuse.

Administrative work can be time-consuming when done manually. You can reduce your workload with automated reporting and analyze asset data to continuously improve performance while focusing on core business.

Benefits of asset tracking

A solution like Webfleet Asset Tracking has a lot of benefits. It helps you:

  1. Locate vehicles, trailers, trucks and all powered assets with accurate positioning
  2. Stay in control of all assets’ movements
  3. Detect theft in time to take effective action
  4. Manage how your assets are used
  5. Keep all your assets in top condition
  6. Reduce workload with automated reporting

What are the main features of asset tracking?

  • Locate your valuable assets: Webfleet’s detailed map connects to trillions of data points collected from hundreds of millions of connected devices, so you can see exactly where your assets are.
  • Know how your assets are being used: You can gain valuable insight into vehicle movements, irregularities and patterns. Analyze data and make informed decisions to be more efficient.
  • Maintain your assets’ condition: Keep your vehicles and drivers safe with scheduled maintenance tasks. Customize notifications based on odometer or time since last maintenance.
  • RFID: You can also track driver identification, so you always know who is behind the wheel.
  • Monitor your whole operation: A display that gives you visibility over the location and status of all powered assets, such as vehicles, trailers and trucks, on one interface.

Asset tracking system

Want to learn more about how Asset Tracking can help you better manage your operation? Discover Webfleet Asset Tracking here.

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