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Let’s get back on the road: Construction

Like most industries, construction has been impacted by COVID-19. Though now restrictions are lifting in many regions, companies are making changes to their working processes to continue working safely. However, this needs to be done while maintaining a high level of productivity.

So how are companies achieving that?

This blog looks at how many construction businesses are adapting to deal with today’s new challenges and how some are utilizing telematics in this process.

New processes, procedures and service models Smaller task force

Working with a smaller task force and minimizing human-to-human contact is now a priority for many companies. However, it is often necessary for construction workers to work closer than a 6 feet of distance.

To manage this, many construction companies are reducing the number of workers on-site as well as deploying smaller teams at fixed locations of different sizes. If workers have to be less than 6 feet from each other, it is recommended that this period of proximity is kept to a minimum.

Health and safety expectations evolve

On-site interactions and the handling of multiple tools and machinery are almost unavoidable. That’s why it is paramount that companies implement adequate new procedures and processes amidst COVID-19.

Maintaining a safe distance between the workers, managers and clients throughout site visits and equipping staff with gloves, face masks and other protective clothing is now essential. Further, workers should use their own vehicles to travel to and from construction sites unless necessary.

Enforcing new procedures that align with government and health official guidelines will play an integral part in ensuring the safety of your workers and that your business can continue its work.

Adapting to restrictions and delays

Production output in the construction industry is expected to decrease by 20-40%  due to the impact of COVID-19. Some construction companies are adding greater levels of automation to their working processes to manage challenges such as cost overruns and delays.

Contractors are also introducing short-term working conditions, in many circumstances, to circumvent dismissals and ensure business continuity.

What can telematics do? Managing your vehicles and assets remotely

Though some offices are re-opening, part-time and full-time remote working for staff that can do it looks likely to remain popular. WEBFLEET can be accessed via different devices including desktop, tablet and mobile. That means you can easily use it from various locations. No matter where you’re based, you can take care of your vehicle and equipment management and monitoring, your compliance and your communications with your team.

Greater levels of workflow digitization

If you rely on physical paperwork and manual processes, then taking care of administration from outside the office is going to be a challenge.  Webfleet helps you digitize and automate many of these processes, so it is easier to work with a team in different locations.

For example, Webfleet monitors working hours and simplifies compliance and fleet administration by automatically reporting accurate working time registration.

Reducing your operating costs

It’s unsurprising to find that many companies, in many industries, are currently focused on reducing their overall costs. For construction companies, who at all times operate under particularly strict budgets, this issue is perhaps doubly important.

Webfleet helps you cut costs. With valuable insights into and control over your assets and mobile workforce, you can better answer questions like:

Webfleet can help you meet the challenges of today. Would you like to speak to one of our experts about what telematics can do? Then we’d love to hear from you!



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