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3 Indicators You Should Measure for Fleet Optimization

Running a trucking fleet is filled with challenges. You must keep costs low and quality of service high. You can achieve both through fleet optimization. The latter involves making the most effective use of your drivers and trucks. To enact a sound fleet optimization program, you must install top fleet management software. This allows you to monitor vehicles on the road and the actions and behaviors of the drivers who operate them.

As a fleet manager, you can only manage what you can measure. To achieve fleet optimization, you need accurate, detailed fleet management software with an intuitive user interface. Your fleet management software should provide reporting features that will help you stay on top of everything from fuel efficiency to legal compliance. It should help you save money and steadily increase your performance.

Whether you run a privately-owned or publicly- traded trucking company, you will be held accountable for results as a fleet manager. To do your job properly, you must have fleet management software that gives you a top-level view so that you can get the information you require fast.

Webfleet specializes in helping trucking businesses achieve fleet optimization. Webfleet’s fleet management software includes a dashboard and a reports system that deliver rich, accurate, real-time information on vehicles, giving you full control. Here are some of its fleet optimization features:

Instant Notification

You will be immediately notified when an order status changes, vehicles need maintenance, and your trucks cross certain geo-zones.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

You have the ability to benchmark service, productivity, and fuel expenditures. You will then be able to discern trends and identify areas that need improvement.

Deep Insights for fleet optimization

The system’s reporting capabilities are among its most important fleet optimization features. Reports provide detailed insights into the activities of your trucks and drivers. Customized reports give you the exact information you require as a fleet manager. You can schedule the reports to run automatically or be downloaded on demand.

Reports Serve as Indicators

truck on highway during daytime

The reports generated by the fleet management software serve as indicators of how well you manage and optimize your trucking fleet. Here is a sample of some of the reports that you will be able to review.

1. Driving performance reports

These reports contain data about your drivers’ behavior and your fleet’s fuel consumption. Reviewing and acting on them can help keep your vehicles undamaged and your people unharmed. It can also help your company cut costs and reduce its carbon footprint.

The report includes a fuel consumption report detailing how much fuel your vehicles used per day in a selected period. It also consists of a driving events report that provides a list of undesirable actions, such as hard braking and harsh cornering. The report also details the times your drivers exceeded the speed limit.

2. Input-Output reports (I/O reports)

An I/O report provides an overview of all incoming and outgoing messages; it includes the location of where these messages originated. To use the I/O report feature, you will need a LINK device.

3. Location reports

These reports provide an overview of current and historical vehicle positions. You will be able to see the locations and addresses where your vehicles stopped. The report will also provide you with real-time that each of your drivers arrived at their jobs.  

A current position report gives you an overview of the current location of the vehicles you select. The information will include the vehicle’s current speed and the time its position was last reported to Webfleet.

Fleet managers with U.S. accounts will have access to state mileage reports. This report shows the mileage driven in each U.S. state for each vehicle in your fleet. You can also review the mileage driven in all U.S. states for a selected period.

Fleet Management Software: The Webfleet Difference

To make your trucking company thrive, you must gather as much information as possible about your fleet. Having the reports described above and analyzing the information in them will help you achieve your business goals.

Webfleet has some of the best fleet management software in the industry. Webfleet’s reporting solution will provide you with the data and information you need to optimize the performance of your fleet.

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