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What is a multi-drop route planner? 

Multi-drop route planning is the process of planning the best route for a driver to make more than two deliveries to various locations. A vehicle routing software solution automates the process for you by collecting and analyzing thousands of data points to determine the best route for multiple deliveries.

The vehicle routing software system should be able to plan, re-direct, or reschedule without compromising safety, environmental and business obligations. There are many checkpoints, such as the number of distribution centers, warehouses, or residential areas a driver must visit, so resource availability and driver safety must be taken into consideration.


How does multi-drop route planning work? 

The vehicle routing software monitors all vehicle movements while taking into consideration the delivery timetables. And there should be a team or individual to ensure that the system has scheduled and assigned routes accordingly. This includes looking at distances, travel time and fuel consumption.

Once this is all set, the vehicle routing software uses data to choose the best vehicle and driver for the loads being delivered. It connects the dots based not only on the route the vehicle takes but also the client’s orders to bring them closer together. Also, using algorithms, it calculates the time to cover a certain distance under conditions such as driver hours regulations and weather conditions. Further, many multi-drop route planning systems allow drivers to communicate with fleet managers and clients in real-time for updated ETAs or other status updates.


How does multi-drop route planning help your business? 

Multi-drop route planning helps you boost efficiency, keep fuel costs to a minimum, automate safety and stay compliant with driver hours regulations. It helps increase the efficiency of your fleet by automating all these tedious but important tasks.

By optimizing for the best route for multiple deliveries, it factors in fuel consumption. This helps drivers stay on the course without making unnecessary trips and saves fuel. It helps you stay compliant by calculating driver hours and notifying you before there is a risk of a breach.


Multi-drop route planning software 

fleet management solution like Webfleet offers fleet managers a well-organized multi-drop route planning software. Besides the benefits mentioned above, it also ensures resources are used efficiently, high levels of customer service are maintained and optimal working conditions are provided for drivers and employees.

For more information on how a fleet management solution can help optimize your multi-drop route planning, click here.


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