Eco driving: Stay green and safe on the road

Eco driving is the practice of green and safe driving. It's beneficial for fleet managers – not only for the entire fleet but also for its cost-saving potential. Irrespon­sible driving can impact driver safety and a company's reputation.

This article will discuss the benefits of eco and safe driving for fleets and how a fleet management solution can help you achieve green and safe driving.

What is eco driving?

Eco Driving

What is eco driving?

The idea of eco driving in Europe first appeared in Switzerland and Finland at the beginning of the 21st century and began to gain popularity in other European countries, too. Eco driving or economical driving is a way of operating a vehicle to control and reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, improve drive and road safety, and minimize risk. There are three levels of eco driving.

1. Eco driving – strategic level

As a fleet manager, your approach to each vehicle is important – consider the model of vehicle, its standard fuel consumption, and general maintenance costs. You must ensure tires are properly inflated, oil is changed regularly, and maintenance tasks are scheduled appro­pri­ately. The strategic Eco-driving level is a fleet policy in which we define the work culture of both the fleet and the people serving it.

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2. Eco driving – operational level

Here is where you look at how to get from point A to point B as efficiently and safely as possible. You must consider the following: length of the route, traffic volume, type of terrain and asphalt, and number of turns and crossings. Which way is best for that vehicle? Does the route have narrow roads or go through the city? Choosing the optimal route is no easy feat – that's where fleet management software comes in handy.

3. Eco driving – tactical level

When you have a strategy and know the best route, then you can take effective actions to improve driver performance and implement eco driving. Encourage appropriate driving behavior such as avoiding accel­er­ation, harsh braking, or idling. It also means ensuring regular maintenance checks to keep your vehicle in top condition. Fleet management software can help you achieve all of this.

Eco-driving software

Eco Driving software

Eco-driving software

Webfleet gives both fleet managers and drivers clear, detailed driving behavior reports. Everyone is empowered to act, before, during, and after each trip, encouraging greener and safer driving. Get real-time and historical insight into your fleet's fuel consumption and emissions. With Webfleet vehicle maintenance, you’ll be notified if a vehicle has diagnostic troubles. And you can plan maintenance tasks based on real-time mileage information. OptiDrive 360 helps you monitor your drivers and provide real-time feedback and coaching.

To learn more about eco driving, visit our green and safe driving page.

Benefits of eco driving

Cut costs

Eco driving is one of the smartest ways to reduce fuel costs.

Boost efficiency and sustain­ability

Keeping vehicles well maintained improves their efficiency and reduces carbon emissions. Take action to become more environ­men­tally responsible.

Driver safety

Improving driving behavior can help reduce the number of accidents.