IT director

Future proof your fleet's operations

IT director

Future proof your fleet's operations

Drive the change that will give your fleet a competitive advantage. Webfleet's fleet management solution is designed for flexibility and scale, giving fleet IT directors all the tools they need. Establish the foundation that will help your fleet thrive in today's business landscape.

What's important to you as a fleet IT director?

Hassle-free integration

Simplify operations with a fully connected fleet and workflow management system. With an extensive array of apps, Webfleet enhances back-office processes while supporting better collab­or­ation between teams. Our open platform approach means you can integrate with third-party providers - create the ideal combination of tools for your business.

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Data security

We understand that data security is indis­pensable for a fleet IT director. That's why you can expect the strictest level of security. Since Webfleet is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, it fulfils the highest inter­na­tional standard for information security management. Count on SSL secure logins. Privacy enabled settings give your organ­isation control over data while meeting GDPR require­ments.

Uptime and reliability

With 99.95% uptime, Webfleet provides the service reliability today's fleet needs. Ensure that fleet managers and drivers stay connected for improved deliveries. Bring visibility to real-time and historical performance data, with fleet KPIs accessible from a single platform.

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Fleet optimization made easy

Efficient set up

Get your fleet organ­isation up and running efficiently, whether you need a fixed install­ation or a plug-and-play config­ur­ation. As a Software-as-a-Service solution, Webfleet uses the latest web technology. It is regularly and automat­ically updated. IT directors can access their fleet management account from any browser or device.


The fleet industry is digitising. Fleet businesses that don't transform their processes will be left behind. As an IT director, you play an important role in optimising your fleet's operations for greater productivity and cost savings. Webfleet fleet management software supports evolving workflows. With Webfleet Mobile, your entire fleet can even be managed remotely.

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How can we help you as a fleet IT director?

Integrate with current third-party providers

Meet the industry's highest security standards

Rely on 99.95% uptime of market-leading software

Set up your entire fleet for greater productivity

Stay on top of digital innovations in fleet management

Scale your IT solutions as the business grows

Check out our IT director features in more detail

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How are fleets like yours getting more done with digit­isation?

wfs cutting costs in professional services whitepaper us

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