Connected car for car rental companies

New mobility. New services.

Connected car technology is set to help future-fo­cused car rental companies to meet the many day-to-day operational challenges faced by the industry by raising the bar on operational efficiency.

Key potential benefits

Optimizing de-fleeting

Helps you optimizing which vehicles are better to select for de-fleeting earlier with our up-to-date connected car data.

Getting vehicle maintenance right

Regular maintenance can have a significant impact on residual values, especially for rental vehicles which might be often driven without due care and attention.

Controlling refueling costs

Being able to cross check fuel levels in returned rental vehicles against use will help to optimize fuel charge revenue.

Lower your buy-back prices

Knowing accurate details on the use, mileage and engine health of rental vehicles when you want to sell back to a dealer will help you to negotiate a better buy-back price.

Connected car services platform for car rental companies

NEXTFLEET delivers tailored insights via an easy-to-use software interface to help improve day-to-day working life for you. Our flexible APIs enable our connected car services to integrate seamlessly with your existing back office software systems, from off-the-shelf asset management suites to bespoke applic­a­tions.


  • Easy-to-use interface giving you greater control of your vehicles with dynamic reporting to help improved levels of customer service, asset and maintenance management and admin­is­tration.
  • Vehicle maintenance schedule helps you optimize your planning.
  • Geofencing function­ality alerts you if vehicles leave the area they were rented for.
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Business integration

The WEBFLEET open API platform makes it easy for either your in-house IT department or one of our system integrator partners to integrate telematics data into your core back-office systems, creating bespoke applic­a­tions which meet your require­ments. Seamlessly combining all your data in one place empowers you to run a much more efficient operation, from proactively scheduling maintenance alerts to setting de-fleeting triggers.

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