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Our easy to use online interface NEXTFLEET – directly connected to the cloud based WEBFLEET Telematics Service Platform – helps give the fleet and mobility manager greater and up-to-date control of their vehicles. NEXTFLEET features amongst others dynamic reporting to enable improved levels of customer service as well as better asset, maintenance and accident management.

nextfleet contract management

Contract management

  • Help to anticipate vehicle contract term and workshop visits, and inform the fleet manager and/or the driver accordingly.
  • Get up to date access to the relevant KPIs:
    • Vehicle mileage (odometer retrieved directly from the car)
    • Vehicle condition (maintenance/defects history, repairs…)
    • End of the contract date
    • Total mileage from the contract

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nextfleet vehicle maintenance

Vehicle maintenance

  • Ensure maintenance work is completed on time and to brief using vehicle diagnostics
  • Help minimise vehicle downtime
  • Ensure servicing is correctly scheduled based on accurate mileage and odometer readings
  • Get up to date access to the relevant KPIs:
    • Vehicle malfunction:
      Vehicle malfunction alerts (based on Malfunction Indicator Light information and dashboard warnings) will allow you to book repairs quickly by sending a notific­ation to the driver.
    • Maintenance service:
      get an alert whenever a vehicle is due for its next service.
    • Maintenance reports:
      get maintenance reports and alerts based on mileage.

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nextfleet breakdown assistance

Breakdown assistance

  • Supports a high-level, seamless customer service experience.
  • Keeps your vehicles on the road by enabling you to ensure that maintenance work is completed on time and to brief.
  • Get up to date access to the relevant KPIs:
    • Provides location information to assist with breakdown services by a third party.*
    • Highlights why a vehicle has broken down (based on Malfunction Indicator Light data).

* Integration with a recovery or roadside provider has to be provided separately.

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Vehicle details

Accident management

  • Helps minimise the cost of accidents and potential litigation generated by them.
  • Provides a clear view on vehicle history.
  • Get up to date access to the relevant KPIs:
    • As well as providing immediate accident alerts, the software also includes more detailed information in the crash log.
    • A 3D accel­er­o­meter measures accel­er­ation in all directions. If a crash is recognised, specific data is saved from before and after the crash, allowing recon­struction of the situation. This will include exact vehicle location together with speed, driving direction and both frontal and lateral accel­er­ation data.
    • In case an accident occurs, a subsequent report will provide accurate information about the details of this accident as well as a map view of the route.*

* Integration with a recovery or roadside provider has to be provided separately.
In France: position info can be made available with drivers’ consent.

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nextfleet connect


  • The NEXTFLEET.connect API is designed to allow 3rd party applic­a­tions and services to integrate with the WEBFLEET Telematics Service Platform (TTTSP).
  • NEXTFLEET.connect follows the function­ality of the NEXTFLEET user interface.
  • The API provides functions to:
    • Manage the lifecycle of a connected car on the TTTSP.
    • Retrieve data collected by the in vehicle telematics equipment.
    • Enter/update data related to the vehicle in the TTTSP, such as next service interval or vehicle contract conditions.

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