Exhausts, Tyres and Batteries (ETB)

Exhausts, Tyres and Batteries (ETB) has seen a 40% reduction in accidents and is on track to save up to £30,000 in insurance costs following the introduction of the Webfleet fleet management platform and Mantis camera integration.

The Organisation

100-strong mixed fleet ETB distributes tyres and automotive parts to its growing network of centres across Midlands, Wales, the South West and Cornwall.

As well as operating 37 depots, the company offers a mobile tyre fitting service across Worcestershire. Its 100-strong fleet includes a mix of HGVs, vans and cars.

The Challenge

‘Cash for crash’ pushing up fleet costs A ‘cash for crash’ culture meant that fleet insurance and accident management costs were consistently high, with no means of proving responsibility.

Keeping control of remaining driver time and staying compliant was also proving a major administrative burden, with inefficient word-of-mouth relied upon for updates.

The Solution

Accidents down by 40% The Webfleet fleet management system was installed across ETB’s fleet, alongside forward and reverse MANTIS live cameras.

Since implementation, ETB’s accident rate has reduced by 40% and insurance premiums are predicted to drop by £25,000 to £30,000 each year.

Getting the full picture

Improved driver safety Webfleet’S OptiDrive 360 functionality is being used by ETB to help improve driver efficiency and safety by risk profiling drivers based on incidents such as harsh braking, sharp cornering or speeding. Integrated MANTIS Live cameras, meanwhile, provide associated video evidence for every event, offering further insights into why incidents occur and helping to drive down insurance costs.

Drivers are more attentive and careful at the wheel because they know they are on camera, said ETB Operations Manager Dave Isles. That extra accountability has been welcomed, because they know they are being protected and that their good driver habits are being noted and rewarded.

Fuel and maintenance efficiencies

Automatic service alerts Webfleet’s integrated CANbus fuel management functionality helps identify opportunities to cut fuel costs, while automatic vehicle service alerts allow for more proactive maintenance and reduced vehicle downtime.

I get ‘miles per gallon’ readings on each vehicle each day and data on driver behaviour, with specific reports split between our HGVs, vans and cars, added Dave.

Alleviating the administrative burden

Full fleet transparency ETB is using Webfleet’S integral Tachograph Manager to remotely download driver cards. Remaining driving time and distance updates now show ETB how long each driver has left before they need to take a break to meet Working Time Directive rules.

Drivers use an app on their mobile phone to conduct a daily digital vehicle maintenance check, which gets automatically sent to the back office via Webfleet to ensure compliance.

Tyre savings

35% tyre savings ETB has also switched its fleet to Bridgestone Vanhawk tyres, leading to a 35% saving in tyre replacements, due to the longevity over its predecessor.

Dave added: The Vanhawks have performed as impressively as more expensive tyres in the wet, dry and cold and are way better value for money than a budget tyre, because they will last so much longer.

A seamless operation

Contribution is ‘priceless’The Webfleet system will have paid for itself within three years, added Dave.

I would be lost without Webfleet as an informative tool as I’m no longer reliant upon word-of-mouth. It’s a priceless system.

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