The Commercial Mobility Recovery Dashboard

A weekly report on commercial transport activity trends in Europe and North America

Restric­tions are easing and businesses are starting to open up in many regions. But how will that impact recovery for companies, industries and economies? Webfleet and Geotab, two global telematics leaders, have gathered and analysed data from 3 million connected vehicles across Europe and North America. Our shared findings deliver insight and support for businesses and governments as they plan the road to recovery.

How to use this dashboard

The dashboard shows activity levels for EU, USA, Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Canada. You can also filter to see how the transport, profes­sional services and construction industries have been affected. Select a country via the drop-down menu and view results for that region.

An essential combined effort

This collab­or­ation brings together two of the largest companies in fleet management worldwide. By combining their knowledge, they have created a level of insight that would otherwise be impossible.

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