Data-based fleet electri­fic­ation

Combining the power of Webfleet and Chargylize

Data-based fleet electri­fic­ation

Combining the power of Webfleet and Chargylize

Adding EVs to your fleet can be complex. We want to make it easier. Webfleet and Chargylize have come together to design an electri­fic­ation check for your fleet. With our clear telematics data insights, you can make better, simpler and faster decisions on if and how to add EVs and get the maximum value when you do.

EV.connect helps you

Identify if the share of the fleet could go electric to meet your sustain­ab­ility targets

Track the right moment to electrify your vehicles by monitoring your fleet’s behaviour

Calculate easily the potential ROI of adding EVs

Make smarter, faster decisions with clear data

Zero in on where you can cut costs with a clear view of your operation

Reduce your carbon footprint and build a more sustainable business

EV.connect key features

A complete electri­fic­ation check

Using Webfleet‘s telematics data, Chargylize analyses your current vehicle usage, available charging infra­structure, the driving and parking restric­tions in your service area, current charging costs, CO2 savings and more to build a complete analysis of the scale of your potential electri­fic­ation.

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Insights to optimise the process

EV.connect shows you whether switching wholly or partially to electric altern­atives would be a good investment. It can even help you plan your on-site charging infra­structure.

Simple setup

EV.connect can easily be enabled by the fleet manager in Webfleet.

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information security and privacy

Data privacy

Vehicle data sharing between the platforms is limited to only what is necessary to provide the service.

How it works: Three simple steps to an electric fleet

We collect the data

We analyse the behaviour of your current vehicles using telematics data from Webfleet.

We make a recom­mend­ation

We look at issues such as the driving and parking restric­tions in your service area, current charging costs and CO2 offsets, and determine if adding EVs is right for you.

You electrify your fleet

You decide which electric vehicles you will use in your fleet based on clear, accurate insights.
You’ll also get information from our partners about setting up charging infra­structure.

About Chargylize

Chargylize is an independent provider of data-based solutions in the field of e-mobility.

In 2020, Chargylize was founded as a spin-off of thaltegos, a management consultancy special­ising in big data and data analytics.

Chargylize is a team of enthusiasts, developers, data specialists and experienced startup managers working to create innovative services. They offer several SaaS products in the field of e-mobility.

What you need for EV.connect

Any Webfleet tracking device

(LINK1, OEM.connect, Webfleet Work App or CAM 50)

A Webfleet subscription


Account2 and Subscription fee

Get a demo

Talk to our experts and find out if your vehicle is compatible.

Also works with the LINK 2x0/410/510.
Energy consumption/level Reports, automatic service reminders, and EV data are supported with the Webfleet ECO tariff

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