BP FleetMove Pro

Secure fuelling, vehicle tracking, driver behaviour and fuel site advice

Complete fuel management in one system, to save time and cost

Complete fuel management in one system, to save time and cost

Businesses managing fleets of vehicles of any type, either car, van, truck or mixed fleets, can now benefit from the BP FleetMove Pro solution. The solution combines vehicle location, fuel consumption, driver behaviour and vehicle maintenance information from WEBFLEET, together with BP fuel card information. Giving full visibility and control of how fuel is being used. A useful site advice application, available on the PRO 8 series Driver Terminal, gives advice to drivers on where is best to fill up on route.

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BP FleetMove PRO - The complete solution for fuel management

Secure fuelling – Comparison of fuel level vs vehicle location and fuel transaction history, with alerts of any incon­sist­encies, which helps you stay on top of fuel usage.

Fuel site advice app (PRO 8 series Driver Terminal) gives directions to the best deals at fuel sites, based on your personal preferences, and routing.

See fuel card purchase information per vehicle in WEBFLEET to help manage fuel costs.

Keep drivers safe on the road, and empower them to save money and time with their driving performance.

Track & trace – Real time monitoring of your vehicles, of any type.

2-way messaging – stay in closer commu­nic­ation with your drivers.

Monitor and control working and driving time.

Actionable insights – Dashboards and reporting help you keep an eye on the health of your fleet, with combined fuel and telematics data all in one place.

Mileage capture and reporting for business and private mileage.

Fully compatible with all vehicles regardless of brand or type – cars, vans, trucks and bus all in one system.

Automated odometer updating via GPS mileage recording, for ease of use and more accurate fuel consumption calcu­la­tions.

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