TomTom Telematics is now Webfleet Solutions.

The SmartWitness KP1S and CP1 are the world’s most advanced incident cameras with 1080p and 720p HD video respectively, global 3G connectivity, live GPS tracking, and driving behavior reports. Webfleet Solutions has integrated this safety-critical technology directly into WEBFLEET, and is selling it direct.

All-in-one HD vehicle incident camera with instance 3G video transmission of events helps provide evidence of events leading up to and during a road traffic incident.

Road facing camera with optional secondary cameras to include:

  • Driver facing
  • Rear facing
    * can also be used as a backup camera for TomTom PRO 8275M *
  • Side facing
smartwitness cams

SmartWitness Product Bundles

Bundle 1

1 Camera: Forward-Facing

smartwitness bundle1

SmartWitness CP1-32:
HD1080p with SmartMail

Bundle 2

2 Cameras: Forward-Facing and Driver

smartwitness bundle2

SmartWitness KP1SP-32 & SVA033-S:
HD720p with SmartMail

Bundle 3

2 Cameras: Forward-Facing and Rear-Facing

smartwitness bundle3

SmartWitness KP1SP-32 & SVA036-C:
HD720p with SmartMail

Bundle 4

3 Cameras: Forward-Facing, Driver-Facing & Rear-Facing

smartwitness bundle4

SmartWitness KP1SP-32 & SVA033-S & SVA036-C:
HD720p, accessories with SmartMail

Additional Options

smartwitness bundle5

Side Cameras (L & R)

SmartMail – Live Video Data delivered via email

SmartMail2 delivers driver safety and protection information to you within seconds of an incident taking place. That may be a road collision, an unsafe speeding event or when someone wants to know you’re looking out for them.

smartwitness step1

Camera installed into vehicle

smartwitness step2

An event is triggered

smartwitness step3

Images and drive data transmitted to SmartMail server

smartwitness step4

Video instantly sent to user's email box

Benefits of Video Solutions for Claims:

  • Immediate Notification of Incidents
    Manage the direction of claims through early interception
  • Control of Claims Spend
    Reduces third party claim costs
  • Early Liability Decisions
    Eradicates the cost of investigation fees from external sources
  • Early Third Party Capture
    First to the third party keeping them out of the opposing organization's grasp and into the hands of network service providers
  • Undeniable Witness Evidence
    Video data reduces disputed claims from 40% to 2%
  • Remote Access to Video Footage
    Instant access when needed by claims department
  • Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring
    Proves if the vehicle was in the area of an alleged incident and speed/behavior metrics
  • Force of Impact Recorded
    G-sensor provides data-backed evidence related to incident causation and severity
  • Fraud Prevention
    Concrete evidence to determine occupancy claims or staged/induced accidents

Equip your fleet with SmartWitness integrated HD GPS Dash Cameras today!