Fleet safety

Contribute to a culture of road safety across your fleet

Help improve safety for your fleet drivers, your vehicles and everyone on the road. Keep drivers on the safest routes with profes­sional navigation. Track fleet safety benchmarks, like driver behaviour and vehicle maintenance. Prevent accidents and avoid false claims with fleet dashcams. Find out everything you need to know about fleet safety management here.

Improve fleet safety with Webfleet

Analyse driving performance

With data on driver behaviour

Improve road safety

For everyone sharing the road

Protect your fleet

From false insurance claims

Track your fleet assets

For vehicle and load security

Stay on top of vehicle maintenance

To prevent unplanned downtime

Comply with drivers' hours rules

And minimise infringe­ments

Key features of fleet safety

Real-time visibility

Maintain a safe fleet with Webfleet Video, which integrates dashcam footage with driving data so you can understand incidents. Our dashcam uses AI technology to identify safety risks behind the wheel, with real-time notific­a­tions for drivers to adjust their behaviour. Pull evidence against false claims with on-demand video.

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Insights on driving performance

Drivers can find support in OptiDrive 360, which provides feedback on performance before, during and after trips. OptiDrive 360 also helps fleet managers monitor risky habits like speeding and harsh braking and to decide if additional training or coaching would benefit drivers.

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Truck­-spe­cific navigation

Help drivers avoid narrow streets and low bridges with profes­sional navigation. With TomTom GO fleet, it's easy to plan routes according to vehicle height, weight and load. Drivers needing a break can use our PRO Driver Terminals and Work App to find safe rest areas.

Learn more about keeping your fleet safe with Pro Driver terminals and Work App.

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Driver well-being management

Driver well-being is found­a­tional to fleet safety. Keep track of remaining driving times and break periods. Webfleet automat­ically records driving times, ensuring stress-free compliance. Plus, notific­a­tions help you sidestep potential infringe­ments.

Learn more about Remaining Driving Times and Tachograph solutions.

Trailer security for fleet safety

Protect your fleet assets from theft and vandalism. Always know where your trucks and trailers are by tracking them on a single interface. Geo-fencing notific­a­tions alert you when vehicles leave prede­ter­mined areas or unapproved movement is registered. Track your trailer door status, too, for load security.

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Automated maintenance

Roadworthy vehicles are undoubtedly safer vehicles. Automat­ically schedule vehicle maintenance with Webfleet. When used with our vehicle tracking devices, Webfleet alerts you about safety issues, from engine problems to accidents. Save time on maintenance tasks with the Vehicle check App.

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24/7 tyre control

Safe braking and steering depend in part on healthy truck tyres. Maintain safe tyre pressures and temper­atures with Webfleet Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). With TPMS, you identify tyre maintenance needs before they turn into fleet safety problems—or cause unexpected and costly downtime.

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All you need to know about fleet safety

What is fleet safety?


Fleet safety is about improving road safety, supporting driver well-being and securing fleet assets. Fleets that are serious about safety will develop, carry out and measure a fleet safety strategy. A compre­hensive strategy will typically include actions around driver training, vehicle maintenance, job planning/routing and asset security.

Why is fleet safety important?


Heavy trucks share public roads with car drivers. So, fleets play an important role in contrib­uting to road safety. By imple­menting safety programs, fleets can help prevent accidents. A good fleet safety record will lead to lower insurance costs. Asset security buffers fleets from load theft, helping them stay in great standing with their customers.

How can Webfleet improve fleet safety?


Webfleet can help fleets improve safety in several ways. For one, our fleet management system simplifies vehicle maintenance and compliance with drivers' hours regulations. With insights on driving performance, fleet managers can also determine whether certain drivers could benefit from some mentoring or training around safety.

What solutions does Webfleet offer to monitor fleet safety?


Webfleet's monitoring solutions can help improve fleet safety. Fleets use our profes­sional navigation devices to ensure drivers travel the safest roads. Our Vehicle Check app streamlines daily vehicle inspections for fleet managers and drivers. Tyre-re­lated risks are prevented with Webfleet's Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

Which businesses benefit from fleet safety?


Any business that operates a fleet will benefit from fleet safety management. A few examples would be transport and logistics companies, fleets that provide last-mile deliveries and hourly service providers like construction and plumbing businesses.

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