I think our profits jumped the day we got the units. We've saved an enormous amount of time, and we're able to do more jobs every day.

The Company

The Company

Action Door, founded in 1968, provides installation and service of automatic garage doors to residential and commercial customers throughout northeast Ohio. With 70 vehicles on the road every day, making at least three stops each every day, managing the logistics of getting everyone where they needed to be on time quickly became complicated.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Action Door services a range of customers – from city contracts with fire and public works departments, to residential customers who need their garage doors to open so they can go to work. While about 20 percent of their business is nstallations, the remaining 80 percent are service calls. While many can be pre-planned, ften, emergency calls for repair come in, complicating the day’s schedule.

For years, Action Door’s dispatch team relied on more than 100 company cellphones to manage their fleet. After each job, the installer, technician or sales person had to call into the office to find out where to go next. Drivers and dispatchers spent too much of their day on the phone. With 70 vehicles on the road every day, call volume became hard to manage.

According to company owner Dino Mastantuono, Techs used to have to call in after every job and get the information for their next stop over the phone. After a while we just couldn’t ignore the fact that this process was hurting our bottom line.

The process was further complicated every time an emergency call came in. We had no idea where our trucks actually were – or how long the tech had been at a particular job. So when emergency calls came in, we had to guess which truck to send, or wait for a tech to call in for a new job.

The Solution

The Solution

With Webfleet, Action Door enjoys complete visibility into where its vehicles are and what its drivers are doing. They have also eliminated the time-consuming process of managing calls into the office by sending all jobs directly to the device in the vehicle.

From the first call of the day, all of their job information is in their trucks, said Mastantuono. We dispatch the planned jobs to the devices in the morning, and as emergency calls come in, we just add them to each individual driver’s schedule through the Webfleet system. When they’re done with a job, they just punch a button and they get the details of their next assignment.

Drivers also enjoy turn-by-turn navigation with real-time traffic to their next job so they can get there via the most efficient route.

The company is also benefitting from fuel savings. Employees are getting to their jobs faster and the company is also cutting down on fuel-wasting behaviors. Webfleet provides complete visibility into driver behavior, which allows the company to see what is happening with each individual vehicle.

Recently, on a cold day, the company noticed that quite a few of its vehicles were idling for most of the day. When a vehicle is idling for four hours during an eighthour workday, you know the driver is leaving the vehicle running while they work, said Mastantuono. By eliminating these behaviors, the company is able to cut fuel costs. Visibility into driver behavior is also saving the company money in other ways. When we see someone driving 90 MPH, we’re able to quickly speak with them and improve their driving, explained Mastantuono. With real-time visibility, Action Door incents staff to drive more safely, eliminating speeding, agressive driving, and other habits that both increase maintenance costs and liability

Finally, Webfleet has improved customer service. When dispatchers speak with customers, they are able to give very accurate ETAs for service because they can quickly see where all their vehicles are – and when a tech should arrive at their location.

Without the need to manage multiple phone calls from 70 drivers, our dispatchers can now spend more time on the phone with our customers giving them information, answering their questions, and selling more product or services, said Mastantuono.

We should have purchased Webfleet system years before we did. I think our profits jumped the day we got the units, continued Mastantuono. We’ve saved an enormous amount of time, and we’re able to do more jobs every day.

Action Door found the perfect fleet management solution with these components1:

Track real-time vehicle location & driving behavior.
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1 It is possible that the device the customer uses has been phased out and has now been replaced by its successor

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