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6 tips for effective vehicle management

As a fleet manager, vehicle management is one of your core tasks. Monitoring your vehicles’ locations, managing their performance and maintaining them in top condition are all crucial to keeping your business running efficiently. So, how can telematics help you do this better?


Here are 6 tips for effective vehicle management.


Tip 1. Monitor your vehicles

It is simply impossible to keep track of the location and journey of each vehicle in your fleet at all times manually. With a vehicle management solution like WEBFLEET, you can track every vehicle in your fleet in real-time. Gain access to information such as hours driven, mileage, location and when maintenance is due.


Tip 2. Analyse data to make informed decisions 

Without data, it would be difficult to understand your business. Telematics gives you easy access to valuable data insights and extensive reports. You can then use this helpful information to make informed decisions that improve efficiency, increase safety and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Tip 3. Be fuel efficient

The best miles are the ones not driven. You should look for ways to reduce emissions, lower fuel costs and improve efficiency. Telematics helps you plan for the best route so you can avoid traffic jams, construction, closed roads or any delays. With extremely accurate traffic information, your drivers are always guaranteed to be on the best route.


Tip 4. Schedule regular maintenance

Keeping your vehicles in good condition increases the safety of your drivers and others they share the road with. Telematics sends you notifications when a vehicle is due for maintenance. Regular vehicle service will help you effectively keep costs down, reduce downtime and lessen environmental impact.


Tip 5. Provide effective feedback to drivers

You can also reduce emissions and cut fuel costs when you improve driving behaviour. Encouraging good driving behaviour is easy with active driver coaching to stop bad habits such as harsh braking or speeding.


Tip 6. Communicate clearly

It’s not always easy to communicate between customers and drivers. Your drivers should always know what their next task is and the customer should always be in the loop as to when you’ll arrive at their door. Telematics can make transparency seamless while keeping drivers informed and customers happy.

Vehicle management solution

These are just some tips on how to use telematics effectively to manage your fleet. A vehicle management solution like Webfleet can help keep your operations running smoothly. Interested in what telematics can do for your business? Learn more here.


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