Are these vehicle management challenges disrupting your SME workflow?

For many small and medium sized businesses, cars and vans are key. Without them, there is no way to get the service or product to the customer. Yet, often, driver and vehicle management tasks cut into time and distract from core business. The big question: How do you get the most from your vehicles without disrupting workflow?

Our latest infographic puts this key challenge under the microscope. Based on our global survey of decision makers at SMEs that use cars and vans, it looks at essential vehicle management jobs and how much time they cost companies.

It also highlights how a lack of visibility over drivers negatively impacts business. And it looks to the future, charting the concerns SMEs have about what may slow growth in the coming years.

Infographic on vehicle management challenges for SMEs

As you can see, companies are devoting a large amount of time every day to tasks like working time reporting, communicating the daily schedule and log book checks. It’s unsurprising, then, to find that more and more businesses are now automating these jobs.

WEBFLEET, Webfleet’ fleet management solution supports SMEs to do exactly that. It takes care of the distracting though essential driver and vehicle management tasks, helping you manage your workflow, improve customer service and get more jobs done.

Want to get the full findings from the research? Check it out here and get exclusive insight into how companies like yours are saving time, cutting costs and improving customer service.

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