The connected car – believe the hype…

Described recently as ‘a big smartphone on wheels’, the Connected Car is a much hyped but often nebulous concept.

Gartner forecasts that about one in five vehicles on the road worldwide will have some form of wireless network connection by 2020, amounting to more than 250 million connected vehicles.

For the record, the term relates specifically to how data is collected from a vehicle and shared with other devices, often using apps. The technology is often supported by a telematics platform, where data can be managed and the application built.

Using data like GPS location, driving style, engine health and temperature sensors, applications can be developed to deliver a range of benefits including roadside assistance, parking apps and vehicle diagnostics.

Recent developments are making Connected Car technology a potential game changer.  We look to the future in our infographic and outline 9 key emerging uses of the technology.


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