Webfleet supports driver safety initiative: #ProjectEDWARD

Webfleet is the proud sponsor of #ProjectEDWARD, a week-long event showcasing best practices in road safety in the UK. During the week of action from the 17th – 21st of October, Webfleet will support a range of extensive social media and broadcast activities. We will contribute to the shared mission of deterring dangerous driving and encouraging safe road use.

What does ProjectEDWARD stand for?

#ProjectEDWARD is an acronym that stands for (Every Day Without A Road Death) used as a short social handle to drive social engagement. The EDWARD signifies the long-term strategy to reduce death and serious injury from the UK road traffic system.

What is the #ProjectEDWARD campaign?

Established in 2016, #ProjectEDWARD began as a campaign to promote safer road use. Since then, it has received impressive backing from the government, emergency services, highway agencies, and road safety organisations. It is now a multinational campaign that unifies road safety activists to drive one succinct road safety message.

In recent years, the team behind ProjectEDWARD have taken to the UK roads in electric vehicles visiting influential local figures in road safety; driving awareness to the campaign. In 2021, the team reached over Nine million Twitter accounts by documenting their 3,000-mile journey on social media. Overall, this fantastic initiative has become the biggest platform for promoting road safety here in the UK. The ProjectEDWARD team even managed to scoop up the coveted Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

This year, the ProjectEDWARD team are travelling all across the UK in electric Kia EV6s to showcase best practices in:

  • Safe Vehicles
  • Safe Road Use
  • Safe Speed
  • Safe Roads and Roadsides
  • Post Crash Care

To stay up-to-date with the latest developments for #ProjectEDWARD, visit the official Twitter page here.

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How is Webfleet supporting this initiative?

Over the coming weeks, passionate members of the Webfleet team and wider network will partake in podcasts discussing driver welfare. Moreover, Webfleet will support the sharing of road safety messages and run a social media campaign during the week of action (17th – 21st October).

Furthermore, Webfleet has also installed LINK telematics devices into the Kia EV6s to provide data insights during the 3,000-mile trip. The #projectEDWARD team will be able to view a range of real-time performance intelligence, including the OptiDrive score, EV battery level and charging locations. Ultimately, the journey time for the electric vehicles will be optimised along the 3,000-mile trip without compromising on safety.

How can Webfleet support road safety for your business?

Driver safety is an essential aspect of managing any fleet. However, many Fleet Managers lack the correct tools and insights to measure the well-being and safety of their drivers. Webfleet can draw upon a wide range of actionable data that profile individuals or entire fleets. A business can use data to quickly identify trends or problem areas, allowing efficient driving to be rewarded or driver training to be provided where it is most needed.

Telent, a leading technology company in telecommunications and digital infrastructure, were keen to improve the well-being and safety of its remote workers. By implementing Webfleet, Telent were able to reduce at-fault incidents by 20% and collisions per million miles by 25%. On the other hand, Telent also managed to optimise its operations by reducing job allocation time by 80%.

Listen to QEHS Director at Telent – Anmarie Landi, share how collaborating with Webfleet has helped Telent achieve its safety goals.

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