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What technology do the ELDs integrate for the efficiency of a fleet?

Green and white vintage trucks part of a fleet

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are tools you can use for your fleet vehicles to ensure efficiency and performance. You can more easily improve your fleet by logging your travel time and hours of service (HOS). With the new congressional mandate, ELDs are required as part of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) to better support the health and safety of drivers on the job. So, ELD trucking management has become a critical part of your fleet operations. 

What Is the ELD Manager?

The Webfleet ELD Manager is designed to save on costs while making it faster for you to achieve compliance. It’s a reliable and efficient all-in-one solution that helps you with compliance issues related to Hours of Service (HoS), one of the biggest and potentially most costly issues you may face with your fleet. 

With the ELD Manager, you can manage your fleet’s efficiency, but it goes beyond simply registering service hours. The system alerts you if there is ever a chance of failure, along with other critical tasks for the growth and success of your company. The system doesn’t just casually tell you. It displays a violation icon to identify the issue. 

Then, it issues a violation action report, so you can quickly determine what action you or your team needs to take. The ELD Manager even locks the screen to show the cycle time remaining and the appropriate driving shift. You’re notified via a button that changes from green to amber red, so you can easily see what the violations may be as part of your ELD fleet management.

DVIR Vehicle Check

A complete approach to digitizing your inspections is Webfleet’s DVIR Vehicle Check. It benefits fleet managers and drivers — drivers receive real-time feedback before, during, and after trips. The DVIR Vehicle Check mobile app streamlines the compliance process while minimizing all that paperwork you do.

So you can quickly and effectively resolve vehicle defects and ensure your fleet vehicles in ELD trucking are safe and reliable with an easy-to-use mobile app that drivers use with each walkaround vehicle inspection. Drivers can select the type of defect but also add notes and photos, which allows you to better prepare for addressing those issues. It’s as easy as submitting the paperless checklists.

Beyond the obvious benefits of the Webfleet Vehicle Check for ELD fleet management, you can react to maintenance issues as you quickly see and respond in real time. As you digitize the driver inspection process with ELD devices, you can improve the maintenance process and increase vehicle uptime.

You save time reporting and responding to roadside vehicle inspections for your ELD trucking, but you can also more quickly comply with safety regulations.  Drivers can retrieve recent inspections and checklists better to understand roadworthiness and the nature of vehicle defects.  

Your ELD devices give you the actionable overview you’ve always needed in one interface. You can access everything from the vehicle checklist reports, inspections, and maintenance reports to better determine the current status of your vehicles as part of your ELD fleet management. So, you can respond in ways that make the most sense for your ELD trucking vehicles. 

Benefits of Implementing ELD Devices

Compliance concerns are one of the most obvious reasons to implement ELD rules for your fleet vehicles, but you’ll find a range of other important benefits too. Here are a few of the top benefits of implementing ELD devices in ELD trucking:

  • Cut down on admin costs
  • Track the locations of the vehicles in your fleet
  • Diagnose your fleet of vehicles
  • Automate your IFTA calculation
  • Monitor idle time and streamline fuel consumption
  • Increase your safety considerations
  • Identify bad habits and tendencies of drivers in the fleet
  • Reduce liability
  • Lower premiums for insurance on your fleet
  • Gain higher profits and return on investment (ROI)

What Can Webfleet Do for Your Company?

With the Webfleet eLogs, you have a solution that complies with Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) and Hours of Service (HOS). You’re better able to comply with NOM-087 and FMCSA ELD rule sets while reducing costs and ensuring better productivity. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, the Webfleet eLogs offers the functionality you need to succeed with ELD devices. Contact Webfleet today to learn more about how eLogs will work for you.

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