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What is truck tracking and how can it help your fleet?

Are you looking for ways to manage your trucks effectively? Having good visibility over your vehicles will allow you to gather essential information and make smarter decisions for your fleet. That is where a truck tracking system comes in. Truck tracking uses GPS technology so that you can track the exact location and position of your trucks in real time.

This is just the beginning, though. A truck tracking device does more than just track your truck’s movements. When you combine it with a good fleet management solution, it also makes your vehicle data meaningful. This can help you cut your fuel costs, improve driver behavior and keep your trucks in good condition.

What are the features of a truck tracking system?

If you are after a good truck tracking solution, you will want to look out for the following features:

  • Precise truck GPS tracking: Track the locations and movements of your trucks in real time or over a chosen period.
  • Real-time traffic information: Get advice on alternative routes so drivers can avoid roadblocks, congestion, and delays.
  • Advanced mapping: Keep your drivers on the most suitable roads and routes based on the truck’s dimensions, cargo, and maximum speed.
  • Geofencing: Help prevent theft and unauthorized use with defined geographical boundaries.
  • Detailed reporting and driving behavior insights: Get access to detailed truck and driver insight reports such as speeding, idling, harsh steering and sudden braking.
  • Crash detection and maintenance notific­a­tions: Receive automatic alerts if a truck malfunc­tions or is involved in an accident, and plan maintenance tasks based on real-time truck mileage.

Quick tips for when you install GPS tracking devices in your trucks

A few things need to be considered when you install a truck tracking device. To ensure the truck GPS system works properly, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures. You’ll also need to make sure it is not obstructed by any metal items, as this can interfere with reception.

How can drivers benefit from truck delivery tracking?

Increased safety and security

The Webfleet truck tracking system uses truck-specific routing to keep your trucks on the right roads and the safest routes. It considers the height, weight, and length of your vehicles to keep your drivers from taking routes under low bridges, down narrow streets, or around sharp bends.

Less stress

Together with truck-specific routing, the PRO 8475 TRUCK Driver Terminal can also show your drivers dedicated points of interest for trucks, including appropriate parking facilities and rest areas. This can help make their time on the road easier and less stressful.

Increased workflow and productivity

Truck tracking helps fleets manage their workflow better. Webfleet helps you identify which driver is in the best position to complete a job. It also enables optimized route and schedule planning, meaning drivers spend less time on the road and more time on customer orders.

Improved driver behavior

A truck tracking system can collect important data about fuel usage, speed, distance, and any harsh braking or turns. You can use this information to help drivers see where they can improve, so they can be safer and more fuel efficient when they are behind the wheel. The result? Fewer fines and road incidents.

How can customers benefit from truck delivery tracking?

Less time spent waiting

A good truck tracking solution means you can provide more accurate ETAs to your customers and help increase customer satisfaction. They’ll get an accurate window of time within which they can expect the truck to arrive, so they won’t be left waiting around or wondering when to expect your drivers. You’ll also be able to keep records of arrival and departure times on hand.


How can your business benefit from truck delivery tracking?

Lower fuel costs

Truck tracking helps you monitor your fleet’s fuel levels and usage. Thanks to a clear and complete overview of how fuel is consumed across your whole truck fleet, you can focus on areas where it is being overused and make smart decisions to improve efficiency.

Reduced risk of theft

Accurate truck tracking in real time can boost the visibility and security of your vehicles. By knowing their exact locations 24/7, you can identify and react quickly to theft or unauthorized use.

Clearer visibility thanks to geofencing

Geofencing let you set designated areas through GPS. When this is combined with truck tracking, you’ll get notified whenever one of your trucks enters or leaves a specific geofence zone. You’ll be able to track the status of your trucks, identify any unusual trips, and help drivers stay on schedule.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of Webfleet truck tracking software?

Webfleet offers a complete fleet management solution for trucks. Want to learn more about how our leading truck tracking solution can help you increase your productivity, efficiency, and customer experience? Discover our vehicle tracking solutions.

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