What is fleet management?

Fleet management refers to the admin­is­trative processes regarding the acquisition, maintenance, organ­iz­ation and disposal of commercial vehicles. It also includes the real-time monitoring of the vehicles’ condition and geographical locations. Fleet management can also refer to the hardware and software components required to set up the monitoring and tracking function­al­ities necessary for proper management.

Why fleet management?

Why fleet management?

Fleet management has become a key component of every modern company employing a moderate to large amount of commercial vehicles. The main benefit of fleet management is the ability to closely monitor and analyse your fleet in its every detail from a macro scale.

This allows for a lot of very precise small optim­isa­tions that can add up and lead to significant increases in efficiency. Besides the obvious economical benefits, good fleet management helps create a better under­standing of how the fleet functions as a whole. This naturally leads to better decision-making from the company’s supervisors and generally a lot more trans­parency.

Fleet management technology

Fleet management technology

Fleet management includes a large array of hardware and software components that are responsible for measuring, logging, processing and trans­mitting large amounts of relevant data to a server in real time. These components include but are not limited to:

  • A GPS tracking system within each vehicle;
  • Various monitoring devices logging the speed, the accel­er­ation and the overall condition of each vehicle;
  • A system allowing the devices to connect to either the cellular network or a satellite network;
  • A server processing all of that data and sending it back to the connected fleet management devices and applic­a­tions;
  • A fleet management software suite for the end user, displaying all of that information in a clear way.

Thanks to this intricate combination of different techno­logies, fleet management software is able to display real-time data on the entire fleet.

Fleet management and scaling

Fleet management and scaling

An increas­ingly common element for all commercial trans­port­ation businesses, including companies in the fields of trucking, aviation, boating and delivery, fleet management is setting the tone for an increas­ingly digitised approach to large scale operations. One of the most valuable aspects of fleet management is its ability to fit companies of any size, and its improved cost-ef­fect­iveness as the scale increases.

Fleet management software allows you to visualise the physical location and the state of all the vehicles of a fleet at a glance. Getting information about a specific vehicle at any time is easy and takes just a few seconds. Larger scale operations will get the most out of a fleet management solution. However, it can also greatly improve a smaller company’s efficiency.

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