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Webfleet's driver management solution takes distracting, time-con­suming manual tasks off your driver’s plate, boosting productivity. It also helps encourage safer and more efficient driving. Give your drivers the support they need to bring their performance to the highest level.

Webfleet driver management helps you

Get a clear view of how your drivers are performing

Communicate with your driver seamlessly

Comply with drivers’ hours and working time regulation

Improve driving behaviour

Increase road safety

Reduce admin­is­tration time and costs

Key features of driver management

Always know who is driving

Identify your drivers to ensure only authorised personnel use your trucks. Easily flag the movement of trucks outside working hours and keep track of individual driving behaviour and performance in shared vehicles.

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driver identification
pro 8475 truck front

Make your driver’s job easier

The PRO 8475 TRUCK Driver Terminal offers truck­-spe­cific navigation, dedicated truck points of interest and TomTom Traffic for optimal routes and ETAs. It also supports working time regis­tration, digitised order management and active driver feedback and advice.

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Optimise performance

Your drivers receive active driving feedback and advice via the Driver Terminal, helping them to cut out habits that waste fuel and increase emissions. Also, ensuring your team are driving safely on the motorway helps your business maintain a good reputation.

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truck driver tunnel uk

Improve your drivers' road safety

Our PRO series Driver Terminals provide truck­-spe­cific navigation to help drivers stay on the most suitable routes. Meanwhile, Webfleet’s simple overview of vehicle maintenance makes keeping your trucks in good condition easier, further increasing safety.

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Vehicle management

Vehicle management
  • GPS tracking, fleet health monitoring and better scheduling of maintenance tasks.

Truck fuel efficiency

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  • Real-time fuel monitoring and visibility over driving behaviour to cut costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Workflow optim­isation

Workflow optim­isation
  • Seamlessly communicate with your team on the road to better manage workflow and ensure you deliver on time.
transport security

How secure and safe are your trucks on the road?

transport security

Download our eBook today and get actionable insights on maintaining security across your fleet.

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Return on investment in 6 to 9 months on average

Want to improve driving behaviour and road safety, while spending less time on admin­is­tration for your driver management tasks? Speak to one of our experts.

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