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Digital log book

Hassle-free way to be tax smart

Any tax related information is meant as a reference only.1

Remove pen and paper from you mileage registration

While a notebook and pen might sound like the obvious answer to logging mileage records, those who have experienced such systems know them to be a mountain of paperwork, and prone to human error. More than half of company car drivers who use a manual method spend more than two hours a month recording and submitting log books.

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Electronic mileage log book

What can a digital mileage log book do for you?

WEBFLEET Logbook reduces the time you spend on administration and makes your job a lot easier.

On WEBFLEET’s Logbook mobile app, drivers can manage administrative tasks and see data related to their trips, including:

  • Self-assignment of vehicles
  • Type of trip (business, commute, or private)
  • Trip details (purpose of the journey)
  • Dates, locations
  • Mileage travelled
  • Business contacts2
  • Notes
  • Driving feedback (OptiDrive scores)
  • Download trip reports

WEBFLEET automatically generates the log book report. This can then be downloaded to your desktop or sent to your email from the Logbook app.

Log book reports provided by WEBFLEET can be used to verify that tax details are correct when the authorities make a request. All of this helps you reduce the money and the time you spend on administration.

2 Can be imported from the driver’s smartphone’s calendar

Satisfy HMRC compliance

With WEBFLEET Logbook, you give your team the ability to easily prove when they've used a company vehicle for business usage. This helps them avoid any extra benefit-in-kind taxes or National Insurance charges.

WEBFLEET Logbook App

WEBFLEET comes with automated log book functionality and a Logbook mobile app:

  • It delivers and stores reliable trip data so you can prove your vehicle or fleet’s mileage: Prove the exact level of business and private use of your car.
  • Comply with legal requirements in the UK, while cutting down on time consuming administration.
  • Drivers enjoy 24/7 access via smartphone, computer or a PRO Driver Terminal (access to Trip Log is not possible through PRO 2020 Driver Terminal).

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