Help safeguard your drivers, your trucks and the public​

Create the conditions for a culture of safety across your whole fleet. Webfleet’s safety solutions include real-time insights on driving performance, best-in-class truck navigation and asset security. Smart video tools help prevent accidents while protecting you and your drivers from false claims. ​

Webfleet optimises fleet safety ​

Embed responsible driving behaviour​

Prevent accidents and increase road safety​

Protect drivers and your business from false claims​

Know where your fleet assets are at all times​

Keep vehicles in roadworthy condition​

Support driver well-being and compliance​

Key features of fleet safety​

Real-time visibility​

Webfleet Video integrates dashcam footage with driving data, giving you clarity on road events. The dashcam uses AI technology to spot risky driving habits and alerts drivers to adjust their behaviour in real time. On-demand video provides evidence against fraudulent insurance claims. Learn more about Webfleet Video

Real-time dashcam footage for fleet and driver safety
OptiDrive 360 driving performance insights report

Driving performance insights​

OptiDrive 360 delivers insights to fleet managers and drivers alike, offering drivers feedback before, during and after trips. Monitor habits around speeding, steering braking and cruise control to analyse potential risks and decide if drivers could benefit from coaching or training. Learn more about OptiDrive 360.

Truck­-spe­cific navigation

Keep drivers on the safest, most efficient routes with TomTom GO Fleet. Plan routes based on truck height and weight, so drivers bypass narrow streets and low bridges. Plus, factor in any hazardous materials loads. Fatigued drivers can find suitable rest areas via PRO Driver terminals and Work App.
Learn more about Pro Driver terminals and Work App.

Pro Driver terminal device and Work App for fleet safety
Webfleet solutions for driver fatigue management and fleet safety

Driver fatigue management​

View your drivers’ remaining driving times and rest periods in Webfleet, ensuring your drivers are well rested before dispatching them. As driving times are automat­ically recorded, you can take confidence in accurate compliance reporting. Timely notific­a­tions help you avoid infringe­ments. ​​Learn more about Remaining Driving Times and Tachograph solutions

Trailer security ​

Monitoring your goods throughout the supply chain goes a long way to preventing theft. Track and monitor your trucks and trailers all on the same interface. Get alerts when assets enter or leave defined areas, or if unauthorised movement is detected. Trailer door status is tracked, so you can you see if they’re opened unexpec­tedly. Learn more about Webfleet trailer tracking​

Trailer tracking in Webfleet dashboard
Webfleet Vehicle Check app

Roadworthy vehicles​

Well-main­tained vehicles are safer vehicles. Automate maintenance schedules with Webfleet. Combined with our vehicle tracking devices, Webfleet offers a range of warnings, from detecting a vehicle crash to signs of engine malfunction. Minimise paperwork with the Vehicle Check app, freeing up more time to focus on safety for your fleet. Learn more about vehicle maintenance and Webfleet Vehicle Check.

Predictive tyre management​

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is key to safe vehicle handling and braking distances. Webfleet Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) checks tyre pressure and temperature in real time, helping you detect problems before they lead to costly repairs or downtime. Learn more about about Webfleet TPMS

Truck on the road
transport security

How safe are your trucks on the road?​

transport security

Find out how you can enhance safety across your entire fleet.​

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