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Prove tachograph and drivers’ hours compliance without the stress

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Webfleet offers a full-suite of tools for drivers' hours regulation and tachograph compliance that helps minimise the burden of proving compliance for both your drivers on the road and your team in the office.

Webfleet compliance support helps you

Comply with tachograph regulation

Download data without taking your drivers off the road

Make inspections less stressful

Comply with drivers’ hours and working time regulation

Stay ahead of your compliance regulation deadlines

Get instant infringement alerts to minimise penalties

Key features

Prove compliance in one place

Webfleet Tachograph Manager downloads all required tachograph data. It also shows you the download status per vehicle and driver as well as reports on daily driver activity on a simple dashboard. Meanwhile, inspections are made easier with all your records archived in one repository.

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deadlines dashboard

Keep your existing tachograph analysis provider

Webfleet TachoShare is a remote downloading and archiving module that downloads tachograph data from your vehicles on the road, while offering connectivity to your existing 3rd party tachograph analysis provider1. You get complete control of how you use your data and who you share it with, from a secure, accessible archive.

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Manage driving and rest times

Get daily and weekly remaining driving times for ad-hoc dispatch and scheduling and real-time social infringement notific­a­tions. This helps to optimise your dispatch planning, maximise driving times, stay compliant with drivers’ hours regulation and reduce the chance of fines.

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fms features

Maintain your AdBlue level

Your truck's AdBlue2 level is displayed in Webfleet. When AdBlue level is low, a service task is automat­ically created. This helps you avoid large fines and lower the risk of losing your operator's license for running without AdBlue.

Achieve the DVS compliance

We work with a selected range of trusted partners to help you tackle the latest Direct Vision Standard (DVS) requirements for your commercial vehicles operating in Greater London.

From near side and full vehicle camera monitoring systems, vehicle checks and more safety features, Webfleet integrates telematics and these safety features under one single platform. Managing your fleet’s safety and compliance is simpler than ever.

Learn more about Achieve safety compliance with our partner integrations
Blind spot vision for Direct Vision Standard compliance
transport security

How secure and safe are your trucks on the road?

transport security

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View our other solutions

Vehicle management

Vehicle management
  • GPS tracking, fleet health monitoring and better scheduling of maintenance tasks.

Driver management

Driver management
Driver management
  • Driver identi­fic­ation, working hours and performance support, improved driving styles and increased safety.

Truck fuel efficiency

Truck fuel efficiency
  • Real-time fuel monitoring and visibility over driving behaviour to cut costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Workflow optim­isation

Workflow optim­isation
  • Seamlessly communicate with your team on the road to better manage workflow and ensure you deliver on time.

Return on investment in 6 to 9 months on average

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1 API available for 3rd party providers to integrate their service.
2 AdBlue is a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) designed to reduce pollutants emitting from the vehicle exhaust. This AdBlue feature is supported by LINK 7x0 devices. The avail­ab­ility is subject to vehicle/model.

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