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3 ways to manage fuel consumption

If you’re a fleet manager, then the volatile price of fuel should be a major concern. How do you handle fuel management while keeping your operations running smoothly?

A fleet management solution like Webfleet can help you track fuel usage under one integrated platform while also improving fuel efficiency. Here are three features of Webfleet that help you better manage fuel.

Fuel monitoring system

Manually tracking fuel usage for every vehicle in your fleet is time-consuming. A fleet management solution like Webfleet can monitor and analyze the way fuel is being consumed.

This data also gives you valuable insight into patterns of how fuel is being used over time. You can visualize your consumption and make informed decisions on how to optimize usage and ultimately lower costs.

Driver monitoring

Driving behavior has a direct impact on the way fuel is consumed. In addition to monitoring fuel usage, a fleet management solution like Webfleet also monitors driving behavior.

It offers driver coaching to help with less than ideal habits such as idling, harsh braking or speeding. It sends instant alerts to the driver in real-time so they can continuously improve behavior and increase fuel efficiency. And it offers you in-depth reporting on how your drivers are using fuel when they’re behind the wheel, so you can zero in on behavior that is wasting fuel and take steps to improve it.

Traffic monitoring

Apart from monitoring fuel consumption and driving behavior, there is one other major influence on fuel consumption: the route.

A fleet management solution like Webfleet gives you access to real-time, accurate, up-to-date traffic information. It helps you to create the best route for your drivers factoring in things like traffic, which keeps you on the fastest routes, and the height and weight of your vehicle, which helps large vehicles avoid sharp bends, low bridges, and other unsuitable areas.

Implementing telematics can help you track fuel consumption with valuable insights that can improve fuel efficiency and lower your overall costs. The best miles are the ones not driven. Fuel management starts with a fleet management solution that best fits the needs of your operation. Interested in what Webfleet can do for your fleet? Learn more here.


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