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How effective driver management can help you tackle 3 major driver issues

3 challenges you can address with driver management

1. Complying with regulations

As a fleet manager, you know how important it is to comply with drivers’ hours and working time rules – because if you don’t comply, you could face major penalties. But sometimes it’s hard to understand the strict and complex regulations.

Managing this manually is extremely time-consuming and increases the risk of incorrect data. However, an effective driver management software system makes it easy to track and monitor driving times and rest periods. With accurate and up-to-date info, you and your drivers can save valuable time, stay compliant and avoid fines.

2. Road safety and driving habits

Your driver risk management strategy should ensure you have the tech to keep drivers as safe and efficient as possible. You can support your drivers with in-vehicle devices such as Driver Terminals, which can give instant feedback on safer driving behavior. Your drivers will be alerted when they make risky moves like speeding or sudden braking.

A good driver management solution also gives drivers advice on greener driving habits, such as appropriate gear changing or following a recommended speed based on fuel efficiency and the speed limit. This all leads to less fuel wastage, fewer road incidents and better vehicle management.

3. Productivity

Are your drivers being productive when they’re on the road? Integrating GPS and telematics data into your driver management system can give you powerful real time insights into how you can optimize your fleet operations.

If your drivers have access to live traffic data, they can take the best routes possible. This means they can complete more trips and cut any unnecessary waiting periods. The right driver management software can also simplify administration by automating invoices and trip reports, leaving more time to focus on the core tasks.

Making driver management easy with Webfleet software

WEBFLEET’s driver management solution makes it easy to stay compliant with regulations. It also encourages your drivers to adopt safer and more efficient driving habits, while maximizing productivity.

Do you want to help boost driver performance? Speak to one of our experts and find out how we can help.

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