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Fleet dashcam FAQs: What your truck drivers want to know about safety and privacy 

Quite the contrary. Like you, they want to keep their trucks and loads secure. They also want to make it home safely at the end of their runs. A lot of driver hesitation has to do with autonomy and trust: They don’t want to feel like someone’s leaning over their shoulder, watching their every move. 

The purpose of this article, then, is to consider the driver’s perspective on dashcams. We’ve highlighted some of the most common driver concerns. The following FAQs can help you explain the safety-first benefits of dashcams to your drivers. 

Q: How will a dashcam help me on the road? A: A fleet dashcam increases safety on the road and in the cab. 

In roughly 80% of collisions between cars and trucks, the car driver is at fault. Yet because trucks are much heavier—and therefore capable of causing more damage—truck drivers are more frequently found to be at fault. High-quality dashcams provide a complete view of the road. Video evidence can be objective proof should incidents occur. In the case of fraudulent claims, video proof protects drivers from liability. 

The best dashcams provide in-cab protection too. Whether drivers are taking a short break or settling down for a night’s rest, they should feel secure in their truck. With dashcams like the one used for Webfleet Video, drivers can press an alert button to prompt an emergency video recording. 

 Q: How do dashcams work? A: In a nutshell, it empowers drivers behind the wheel.  

As a preventative technology, dashcams improve safety on the road for everyone while protecting hardworking drivers. 

“On-board cameras are there to reduce risks and save lives,” says David Brazell, Channel Sales Director for EMEA at Lytx. “90% of accidents have to do with human error, and most are due to distractions.” 

Whatever the possible causes of accidents, preventing them is the most proactive approach to safety. Dashcams powered by artificial intelligence detect distractions like texting, sending audio-visual notifications to drivers so they can self-correct in real time.  

Uncorrected distractions and certain behaviours would trigger dashcam video events. Were harsh braking or steering the result of a vehicle crossing in front of your truck, for example, the event would show whether the other driver caused a safety risk or if the fleet driver could benefit from coaching on safe driving.  

Q: Will I be monitored 24/7? A: What drivers do on their free time is their own business. 

Compliant dashcams will be designed for maximum privacy. Webfleet Video runs on the CAM 50, which is totally configurable. For instance, it’s possible to disable the In-Cabin Recording and Distracted Driver features and just use the CAM 50 as a road-facing dashcam.  

The dashcam’s Livestreaming option helps fleet managers give extra support to drivers on the road. Drivers are always notified if their fleet manager starts using it.  

During non-working hours, drivers can activate Private mode. This privacy feature ensures that video and images are no longer sent to Webfleet—recorded data can be retrieved from the dashcam’s SD card only. Drivers who want extra peace of mind during their off time can just pop on the CAM 50’s lens cover.  

Q: Will my data be secure? A: Absolutely: Dashcams must comply with the GDPR. 

Video or image captures are restricted to authorized personnel. Drivers have the right to request access to any videos or images of their driving events. The default retention period is 90 days. As the owner of its video/image data, the fleet company ultimately decides how long data is stored and when/whether to delete it. Any video that isn’t related to events will not be saved—under the GDPR, it isn’t relevant data. 

At Webfleet, we take driver privacy and GDPR compliance seriously. Configurable settings enable compliance across different regions with the CAM 50. Webfleet is also configurable, so fleet managers can set reduced retention recording times that comply with the GDPR’s legitimate interest principle. Our platform operates according to the highest international standard for information security management (ISO/IEC 27001). 

Contribute to a culture of safety 

Greater road safety benefits everyone. Dashcams support road safety by helping truck drivers perform at their best. Wondering how to keep your fleet vehicles and drivers safe on the road? Want to explore the latest fleet safety solutions? See the Safety section of our blog. 

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