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How To Manage Fleet Fuel Costs

There isn’t a business that hasn’t experienced that moment of dread when they see their fuel bill. This question almost always follows this — what could I have done differently? How can I find fuel management solutions that fit my business needs? 

Managing fleet fuel costs is critical to any business’s long-term success. Thankfully, fuel management solutions and fuel-saving tips are available that can keep your fleet fuel costs as low as possible.

Indeed, when it comes to finding fuel management solutions, one of the broader challenges is that you need a multi-faceted approach. You must learn how to manage fleet fuel costs that address both vehicle and driver-specific solutions. This means that one little tweak won’t do it — you have to find a comprehensive series of solutions. Furthermore, you must find customized solutions that address your specific needs.

How to Manage Fleet Fuel Costs: Vehicle-Specific Solutions

Learning how to manage fleet fuel costs is unquestionably one of the best ways to reduce your expenses. Businesses are often able to find gas-saving tips that are specific to their physical fleet. These tips include:

  • Make sure that you are correctly inflating the tires of your entire fleet and that you are engaging in any necessary scheduled maintenance. Yes, this can get expensive, but it is ultimately cheaper than paying for gas or emergency repairs.
  • Use technological solutions for fleet fuel tracking consumption and efficiency over time. Using the right technology enables you to spot a problem before it becomes costly, then make the necessary repairs to increase efficiency. 
  • Consider more robust gas savings tips – like getting rid of diesel-based vehicles entirely and moving to electric vehicles. 
  • Remember that the age of your fleet may have something to do with fuel consumption. Cars and trucks often become less fuel efficient as they get older. As such, learning how to manage fleet fuel costs often involves a regular rotation of vehicles to ensure that you have a new fleet. 

Ways to Manage Fleet Fuel Costs: Driver-Specific Solutions

Caring for the car or truck is only one side of the coin regarding managing fuel costs and developing fuel management solutions. You must also work with drivers to properly implement all necessary fuel-saving tips.

This means:

  • Engaging in dynamic training about how drivers can better navigate their vehicles to save fuel. This training pertains to speeding, braking, accelerating, route planning, and more. 
  • Make sure to give drivers pieces of training specific to the type of vehicle you want them to drive, and show them how to take advantage of all of the technological tools on that vehicle.
  • In addition to dynamic training, ensure your drivers fully understand the impact of speed on fuel consumption and encourage them to drive slower and maintain more fuel. You can leverage this training with automated tracking and analytics that can show you if your drivers obey speed limits and any instructions to drive at a slower speed. 
  • Ensure your drivers know how to manage their overall cargo load and do not overload their vehicles. Doing so will result in consuming additional fuel to make a trip. 

Fuel Management Solutions From Webfleet

At Webfleet, our fuel management solutions can help you manage fuel costs on both the driver and vehicle sides of your fleet. We can help you with vehicle trackingfleet optimization, and safe driving training and technology. All this can be incorporated into your overall safety and cost reduction efforts. We also offer fuel-saving tips designed to help your drivers — and thus your business — learn how to manage fleet fuel costs.

Need more incentives? Check out our fuel savings calculator, which helps you calculate how much you can save by using Webfleet’s suite of fuel management solutions. 

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