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6 reasons to use a mobile app to manage seasonal delivery drivers 

The holiday season is slowly creeping up and if you’re not prepared, then your business will feel the pressure. Many companies hire temporary workers to meet the extra demand and make sure those deliveries make it to their final destination on time. But what’s the best way to manage seasonal drivers?  

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we live our personal lives, and they’re also changing how businesses operate. We’ve noticed a huge rise in the “bring your own device” trend—where workers can use their own phones to help them get the job done. 

That’s why we’ve created an app that helps you digitize your workflow. Webfleet Work App has everything your drivers need to stay on top of their daily tasks. It’s the ideal companion for your mobile workforce.  

Benefits for fleet managers who manage seasonal drivers 

Webfleet Work App lets you manage seasonal drivers smoothly by digitizing your operational processes and keeping your business connected. 

1. Digitize your operations 

The Order Management feature in the Webfleet platform lets you optimize the daily schedule and identify the best driver for every job. Work App then lets you send these jobs and order instructions from your office directly to your driver’s mobile device. Drivers can also use Work App to assign themselves to available vehicles, or you can assign a vehicle to a specific driver on a fixed basis. As you manage seasonal drivers, when personnel change, you can reuse existing subscriptions for new vehicles or drivers—no manual paperwork necessary. 

2. Easily track your vehicles 

You can view the driving times, mileage and locations of your vehicles in real time or over a chosen period in the Webfleet platform. By knowing where your vehicles are, you can keep your customers happy with regular updates and more accurate ETAs. Mobile Tracking works via the driver’s own Android mobile device. 

3. No extra hardware and no lengthy commitment 

Webfleet Work App helps your bottom line, as you don’t have to invest in additional hardware. It’s easy to onboard your drivers and it’s easy for them to get started with the app, as they don’t have to learn how to work with a new device. Work App is available on a one-month rolling contract, meaning you don’t have to commit to any long-term subscriptions. This is perfect for businesses with a temporary or seasonal workforce. 

How Webfleet Work App helps your seasonal drivers 

Work App doesn’t just have benefits for those who manage seasonal drivers. It also empowers drivers to get their jobs done easily and efficiently with nothing more than their own mobile devices. 

1. React quickly to important updates 

With Webfleet Work App installed on their own mobile devices, drivers can communicate easily with the office. All they need is an active SIM card or Wi-Fi connection. Push notifications will highlight important updates, so they can react quickly to the latest jobs and order instructions or any last-minute changes. 

Manage seasonal drivers with Work App

2. Pick the fastest routes 

Want to upgrade your navigation? You can combine Work App with a subscription for TomTom GO Fleet, our official partner app for best-in-class navigation. It integrates seamlessly with Webfleet Work App to help drivers choose the fastest routes and most accurate ETAs. LIVE services provide accurate traffic information in real time to help drivers avoid traffic jams and other road incidents. Your drivers will reach their destinations quickly and make customers happy by arriving on time. 

3. Enjoy greater safeguards for driver privacy 

GPS tracking and other monitoring features can lead to driver privacy concerns. That’s why it’s important to know that Webfleet protects all vehicle data with the highest standard of data security available. In Webfleet Work App, drivers can record working hours and change the trip mode from business to private with a simple tap on the screen. We’ll protect their privacy when a trip isn’t work-related. 

Find out more about how you can manage seasonal drivers 

There are even more benefits to using Webfleet Work App to manage seasonal drivers. Want to find out what they are? Speak to our experts and get started with a monthly subscription

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