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Telematics: No longer just for dispatchers

Telematics has gained a lot of traction across industries. More and more companies are using today’s sophisticated fleet management technologies to improve their operations, save money and delight their customers.

In fact, with the ability to integrate with other business systems, and the fact that telematics solutions can and should deliver detailed information about drivers, vehicles, location, and driving conditions, it is not just dispatchers who are enjoying the benefits.

In speaking with our customers, we’ve learned a lot about how other departments and service providers find that WEBFLEET makes their jobs easier.


A recurring theme among our customers is the ability to charge customers for actual time on the job. With the ability to record the exact start and end time of each job, plus travel time, to the minute, accounts payable and the accounting team enjoy the ability to bill clients for actual time worked, rather than estimating time on-site. They can also provide back-up if charges are questioned. 

Legal and Insurance

We heard this excellent anecdote just the other day. A customer in the HVAC space told us that one of his technicians was involved in a multi-car fender bender along a particularly dangerous interchange. About a month later, one of the people involved tried to sue the company for injuries they claimed they received. The company was able to prove that the vehicle was only going 12 miles an hour – and could not have caused that type of injury. The suit was dropped. This was a huge win both for the company’s lawyer, and the insurance company that would have had to pay the claim.

Vehicle Maintenance

Wouldn’t it be great to only pull your vehicles off the road when they truly need maintenance? And how much will your mechanics love getting error codes when something goes wrong. With the right telematics system, you can get specific error codes, have detailed information on mileage and how hard the brakes have been working, and provide your maintenance team with all the information they need to keep your fleet running smoothly. See more ways to reduce the cost of running your vehicles here.

With knowledge, comes power. Today’s telematics systems truly give business owners a 360 degree view of what is happening in their business. And with all of the data, everyone across the organization benefits.

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