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Everything you need to help keep your fleet efficient and compliant with the FMCSA regulations around DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports) and HoS (Hours of Service) incorporating the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) mandate.


WEBFLEET ELD Manager is a complete ELD solution incorporating RODS (Records of Duty Status) for HoS. There is also DVIR functionality to facilitate easy vehicle inspections. It comprises of a web based portal for administrative functions, reporting, and overall management of compliance, and for the driver there is an integrated App on the TomTom PRO 8275M. These elements combined with WEBFLEET gives a complete fleet management experience.

Hours of Service (HoS)

Easy to use for simpler compliance and greater efficiency.

WEBFLEET ELD Manager allows business to have the complete peace of mind that they comply with ELD legislation around HoS.

  • Increase visibility of drivers that are available for duty, at a glance
  • Simple App logs driver time, allowing driver to update their status (On Duty, Sleeper Berth)
  • Visual notifications alerting drivers when approaching legal limits
  • Full graphical display of driver logs in the portal, and on device, for quick analysis and updates
  • Save costs and time through easy log and submission of RODS for the driver, and less auditing and analysis time back in the office

Driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR)

Know that you comply with FMCSA regulations with at a glance visibility of completed vehicle inspections for your fleet.

  • Quickly check current DVIR status of your vehicles, full traceability of vehicle condition
  • Know instantly if there are any problems with your fleet that require immediate attention
  • See advisory notes from drivers that can help with preventative maintenance
  • Previous inspection reports are easily viewed and updated by drivers


Stay compliant the easy way with WEBFLEET ELD Manager, our ELD HoS and DVIR solution.

WEBFLEET ELD Manager helps integrate compliance best practice into your business processes, to give you and your driver’s peace of mind that you meet regulatory obligations. This brings a closer collaboration between manager, dispatcher and driver with a shared visibility of remaining drive time, rest periods and vehicles are safe to operate. This information is securely stored in the portal for easy reporting and analysis.

Make compliance simpler with HoS and DVIR logging and analysis

Meet your compliance objectives through electronic logging of HoS and DVIR information with industry leading compliance software and professional Driver Terminal.

  • Prove Hours of Service compliance (RODS - Records of Duty Status)
  • Improve driver and public safety – know when it’s safe for drivers to be on duty
  • Eliminate paper forms / logs
  • Protect your CSA score (Compliance Safety and Accountability)

Stay in control

  • Always know driver and vehicle compliance status
  • Create customized DVIR check lists for vehicle inspections
  • Easily identify and manage issue and conflict resolution i.e. unknown driver on trip
  • Better communication and information flow between manager and driver
eld manager stay in control

Easy for drivers

  • Empower drivers with a simple App to help them comply with legal obligations
  • Simple check list for DVIR inspections
  • Always know how much duty time is remaining (HoS)
  • Visual notifications alerting drivers when approaching legal limits
  • Reduce time spent filing Records of Duty
  • Simplified procedure for roadside checks
  • Improved driver safety - clarity of remaining driver hours for Manager, Dispatcher and Driver

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