TomTom Telematics launches WEBFLEET in Chile and Mexico

Amsterdam, 03 December 2015
TomTom Telematics has launched its award-winning WEBFLEET fleet management platform in Chile and Mexico.

The move will give companies in both countries access to TomTom’s innovative fleet management technology, which can help them to improve operational efficiency and become more competitive. WEBFLEET combines rich functionality with ISO 27001 certified standards of data availability and security.

Commercial vehicle fleets oil the wheels of both the Mexican and Chilean economies but, at the same time, contribute to environmental pollution. Furthermore, these fleets frequently operate in urban areas to serve their customers, facing heavy traffic congestion and changes to job schedules, said Javier Cañestro, Director Business Development Latin America at TomTom Telematics.

Mexico City was revealed as the second most congested large city in the world in the last TomTom Traffic Index,1 while authorities in Santiago de Chile announced the city’s first environmental emergency in 16 years in June due to high smog levels.2 WEBFLEET provides greater visibility into fleet operations, combining professional navigation and world-class traffic information with award-winning driver improvement technology to help business drivers spend less time on the road and to use less fuel.

The development follows the acquisition of Coordina (Gestion Electronica Logistica, S.L.), the Spanish market leader in fleet management solutions, in 2013, building on existing infrastructure in both countries.

With more than 8 million commercial vehicles in operation in these countries and telematics penetration of around seven per cent,3 both Mexico and Chile represent attractive market opportunities for TomTom Telematics, added Cañestro.

1 TomTom Traffic Index 2015,
2 Ministry of the Environment, Chile
3 Berg Insight – Fleet Management in the Americas 2015


Annika Schaich

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