Enjoy fully open integration with Webfleet and its set of APIs and SDKs. Webfleet enables you to create innovative solutions for an indefinite range of industries and business needs.



Our APIs

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The WEBFLEET.connect API connects software applic­a­tions with the Webfleet fleet management solution. Via WEBFLEET.connect you can enhance the value of all types of business solutions, including routing and scheduling optim­isation, ERP, Transport Management System (TMS), supply chain planning, asset management and much more.

Among the function­al­ities available:

  • Real time positioning and geo-fencing.
  • Driving behaviour and mileage.
  • Work order management, dispatching and messaging.
  • Estimated time of arrival.
  • Remaining driving time.
  • Config­urable reports.
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LINK.connect is a Bluetooth interface hosted in the LINK tracking device. LINK.connect enables the connection of applic­a­tions that enrich data from in-and-around-the-ve­hicle hardware (barcode scanners, temperature sensors, TPMS, etc.) to the WEBFLEET.connect API.

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The PRO.connect SDK allows you to access Webfleet function­ality on the TomTom PRO 82xx series of ruggedised Driver Terminals. As a developer, you can customise the Webfleet order workflow according to your customers’ business needs, including: barcode scanning, digital signature, question paths and photos. Data from the field can be sent to the back office via the LINK device, so your customers need fewer connectivity sources and can save on network costs.

The TomTom PRO 82xx series comes with a mobile device management (MDM) system. Mobile Device Manager empowers customers to administer their TomTom PRO 82xx series more efficiently. Customers can update and configure devices remotely – and control the content installed on each unit.

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The OBD.connect SDK enables access to vehicle usage and driving performance data through the LINK 100. The LINK 100 is an OBD-II device that plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic port, connecting the vehicle to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Additionally, customers can view engine performance data in real time and review personal scoring for braking, cornering and accel­er­ation behaviour, as well as trips and odometer information. The data can be used to create mobile apps for many purposes, including Usage Based Insurance, leasing, driver behaviour feedback and road assistance.


Technology benefits

Easy integration

Access to all of Webfleet’s function­al­ities via highly config­urable APIs and SDKs

High-re­li­ab­ility platform

99.95% avail­ab­ility and ISO27001 security certi­fic­ation

Full support

Extensive technical document­ation, example codes and support

Global coverage

Webfleet connectivity available in over 60 countries

Learn how our customers benefit from our APIs:

Redujimos un 62% el número de eventos totales de conducción al mes
Alonso Naves Pelayo, Comandos del Norte


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