Webfleet has made us much more efficient in many areas, from job dispatch to logging working hours and mileage.

The Company

The Company

W.S. Dennison was established in 1979 with a workforce of only two. From this small but enthusiastic beginning the company has grown into a well established business with over 50 employees and 25 vehicles.

W.S. Dennison provides a furniture delivery service direct from manufacturers throughout the UK & Ireland or alternatively delivered directly into their warehouse from European & Asian manufacturers. These goods will then be routed for delivery directly to households and businesses throughout Ireland from operating centres in Antrim and Limerick.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Professional, customer focused and innovative, W.S. Dennison was one of the first companies in Northern Ireland to install a telematics solution into their fleet, some 12 years ago.

As the business has developed, with an increasing fleet size and demands from both business and domestic customers, they felt that the current system was not meeting their requirements and began to investigate other telematics organisations and solutions.

Due to the size of the vehicles, a combination of 7.5 tonnes, 3.5 tonnes and articulated vehicles, the business needs to monitor fuel usage as closely as possible for cost purposes and is passionate about environmental impact. Together with a desire to exceed customer expectations, these requirements were communicated to Webfleet.

The Solution

The Solution

W.S. Dennison has installed Webfleet’ LINK tracking unit, PRO navigation devices, and ecoPLUS fuel monitoring devices within 20 of their trucks. Personnel in the office are now able to monitor the movements of the vehicles, analyse the way in which the vehicle is driven and supply accurate ETA’s to customers.

The drivers are able to navigate routes to customer’s premises with greater accuracy, whereas with the previous solution they were only able to navigate to a certain distance of their actual destination. Live traffic information informs the driver of any delays on route and suggest alternative saving time and fuel, this also enables the office to keep customers informed if there are delays, giving accurate times of arrival, a great boost to customer service.

In recent years, W.S. Dennison was experiencing recurrent driving issues, in particular with excessive wear on the clutch. The company has appointed a member of staff to monitor driving behaviour using information from the LINK and ecoPLUS unit to highlight detrimental behaviour such as harsh braking, cornering, speeding and other factors which amount to vehicle damage. Drivers are profiled using the OptiDrive™ Indicator score. This has proved a huge success, not only in terms of identifying and alerting drivers to how their trucks are driven, but also creating an air of competition amongst the drivers. They are now eager to improve their performance amongst colleagues and a recent change in behaviour has proved this. Consequently the company has noticed a significant cost savings in terms of repair and servicing as well as fuel costs.

W.S Dennison has made a dramatic reduction in fuel as a direct result of monitoring driver behaviour and reducing idling. The original fuel bill is significantly lower meaning that the company can focus on competitive pricing for their customers. Pamela Dennison, Communication Manager says, The combination of Webfleet solutions we have installed is working extremely well and has addressed our main issues which are driver behaviour, fuel cost and environmental factors. Not only have we benefited from a 15% reduction in fuel costs and CO2 emissions, we are making incredible savings on vehicle maintenance.

We are excited about continuing our cost saving and carbon reduction programmewith the new advancements in technology and functionality from Webfleet.

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